“You have to think about her first, her dress, her makeup, her comfort, her needs, you got it?” Mrs. N was blabbering, and I was cursing the day I said yes when, the then Miss L asked me to be her bridesmaid.

“Sure, I will try to do that” I didn’t sound convincing, not even to my own ears.

“You have to make sure you have tissues handy, I know you can’t carry a bag but you must have tissues whenever the bride asks for it”. Yes, like I have to stuff them between my boobs and pop them out whenever Miss L asks for one, like old ladies from the village, darn I was hating the idea. May be I can do it, I was trying to assure myself; with such a beautiful bride beside me there will be not even a bee or mosquito to notice

“Yes, ma’am, I will try to do that. Anything else?”, I looked at Mrs. N.

“Don’t ma’am me woman, my eyes will be on you”. Yes, she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, just like I can.

Mrs. N got married last Jan, Miss L followed suit and was to tie the knot with a man whom she was madly in love. It’s like a match made in heaven, both caring, loving and such darlings.

It was Miss L’s big day and she was busy getting ready for the day. I was with Mrs. N and the other bridesmaids and I was suddenly more nervous about the day than the bride herself, “I think I am not well, something’s wrong with my tummy”,  ”You are crazy SNL, just focus or else I am gonna whack your ass”   was of course the response I received. Seeing me stressed out, the other bridesmaid started singing the same tune. “Darn woman, look what you have done!! Get your shit together, will you ?!”. I didn’t exactly feel okay but at the same time I didn’t want to be the one  brought down  the bridesmaids and so I kept mum and tried to calm the hell down .

Just as we all got dressed and  ready to go, with it started the nightmare,  “SnL, Come for the pic, SnL, spread her gown, you guys have to follow the bride, she goes, you go……..” the orders just continued. And I was like a butterfly hopping from one to place to another, always on my toe, always ready to run whenever bride needed me. There were moments when a big gigantic Godzilla came out of the bride, Mrs. N named it as Bridezilla, I wasn’t a big fan of the Bridezilla either. Whenever Bridezilla surfaced, I kept my mouth shut and made a sorry, innocent puppy face, blinking about 200 times per second.

Miss L was finally seated in the car with her mom and dad, and I was running around her car like a merry go round with important bags in my hand. “SnL, you in the car right now” Bridezilla was out and I was terrified, “sure”, I hopped into the car with all the bags still in my hand. “Leave the bags out, there is no space”, “Yes sure” I seemed to myself a puppet at the beck and call of a master. I just followed her every order and prayed for the day to be over soon. It was my best friend’s wedding and I wanted to enjoy every single second but was I enjoying? Was the bride enjoying? Oh yeah, that’s whole another  story.

We reached the church and our eyes fell on the best men, our complimentary gifts for the day 🙂 for all the hard work. One tall, lean, college going guy with a sexy name was from Jupiter while the other short guy, who looked like he was 28 was from Mars. Just based on height stats, I was to tag along with the one from Mars, I was too stressed out to feel anything except of course his cute little smile, that did catch my attention,  but mostly I was focused on the bride and I followed her like a shadow, just like Mrs N had commanded me to do . Though I dreaded every second of it, it was also important to me the day was exactly as the bride had dreamed it to be . I was committed to making this, one of the most beautiful days of her life which she would love to, want to, re-live  over and over again.

“I do” and with that Miss L turned into Mrs. L, her joy was visible on her face. May be that’s how you look when you’ re in love, radiant, beautiful and over the moon.

I continued to follow the bride and her trail in spite of Mrs. L telling not to and yet I got some “you not doing your job” looks from passerby. As the evening rolled in, toasts were raised, champagnes were sipped, the party had just begun,  I looked down at my own glass  worrying if I  had drained it  .Finally,  the happy couple made it to the  dance floor while a lovely song by West life “You look beautiful in white”, played in the background,  it was mesmerizing to watch . Oh Boy oh Boy! That was a soul touching song and the newly married couple danced well, we were all were awestruck, it looked like they cast a magical spell on all their guests. Next all the other couples were up for a waltz and so I took the floor with the short best man. With an arm’s distance between us, which by the way I maintained throughout, we danced, we stumbled a few times, apologized, did some monkey business when Mrs N was within reach and basically just  enjoyed the time together. After the dance, I apologized for my behavior to the best man and posed for a killer photograph. Did my heart skip a beat? Na, I t was right in its place, in rhythm without a glitch, like always.

As the evening progressed, I was finally able to relax and enjoy the party, may be the few champagne drops were working their magic. After a few more events everyone was back on the dance floor, that’s when the short best man came and requested for a pic. Did I deny?  Of course not, Instead we posed for a picture he will never forget. Did I care about the pic? No :). He thanked me and went away like a fine gentleman.

The bride was with her groom, in his loving arms and my duties for the day were almost done. I was dancing with Mrs. N when the short best man approached me for a dance, again . This time there was a sweet little smile on my face.  The day was getting better I thought. My heart just started to perform mini somersaults, but still very much in control. A tiny fountain of hope was rising within me, totally against my will. While dancing he kept looking at me and I didn’t like how it made me feel . Was he hitting on me? Probably, with some make-up on, my glasses replaced by lenses, hair tied up beautifully and the nice long dress resting on my tiny hip I was unrecognizable, even Tequi, my dog wouldn’t recognize me. Trust me if he had seen me in my regular clothes, with my glasses on,  he probably would have looked right through me. “Will a guy who would fall for you on special day will he fall for you on regular day”? I don’t think so. We danced some more and the music stopped for the final time. “Bye” we were all dispersed.

I was famished and was looking for Mrs. N to have dinner. Standing in front of a  gigantic fan my eyes were busy searching the crowd when I saw the short best man relaxing in front of a gigantic fan on other side. Our eyes met for a brief moment and I smiled, like a lady mind you!. Finally, I found Mrs. N, we were arguing about something when we saw the short best man approaching us. I didn’t like that my heart was racing, Mrs. N took her leave, all the while raising her eyebrows at me. May be this how it works in wedding circle these days, I don’t know, feels like it’s  been ages  since I last attended a  wedding or  as matter of fact any function.

“Do you use social media, I can share the pics”, he said,  he was cute alright, if I had a sack I would put him in one and take him home .

Like I said before, I didn’t care about the pictures “No, I don’t use it anymore, I do have an account though” I replied.  It’ s been a while since I stopped using social media, you know just for my own sanity .

He looked at me and I at him, the short silence stretched between us, I was first to speak, to my own surprise. “That’s alright I don’t want the pics, I had a lovely day thank you” ,  just end it right here,  like every  other time a guy had  shown interest in me. That’s how it should have ended, preserving the perfect day’s perfect memory forever, to be recalled and re-lived  in the future without being subdued. But for some crazy, unknown reason I let my guard down and added “I do use WhatsApp”. Did I really say  that?! Oh yeah and I still don’t know why. We exchanged numbers, spoke for some more time. He looked so much like a 28 year old, and so just to make sure I am not smitten by a cute guy, who is  younger than me, I asked him,  “How old are you?”, I shouldn’t have asked that question but I did , praying and hoping he won’t say 28. “Not this one, God, please!!! Please!!!”. He told me his age and my face lit up, when I realized if it goes smoothly, I could be the mother his cute little kids in couple of years. Blame it on my female hormones, they were was on a roll and I didn’t like that.

When he bid his farewell he gave me a light hug, to my astonishment. And, few of the guests  who were watching us from a distance cheered on,  it was then that I realized we had an audience , we had quite a few spectators alright. And it was in that crazy moment my steady, stubborn, psychotic heart missed a  beat. Yes, I liked kinda this man from Mars and his guts, for he walked towards me, spoke to me and bid his farewell in style, and he did all this, in front of at least 50 or so people.

It can’t be love at first sight but yes, I did feel something, for that very brief moment. And when he walked away, I didn’t like it at all, I hated it. The perfect day had come to an end, way sooner than I had expected. I knew we would never see each other again and  I didn’t like the feeling. Deep down inside me I knew it was best to wrap whatever happened that day with a sweet note rather than dragging it to the next day. An untouched, unscarred perfect little memory. Deep sigh,

Nothing much happened after that, if you are wondering, that’s  because it was never meant to . I am the kinda person who repels all the men who are attracted to me, this is not the first time. I chase them away or I run away, don’t know why I do that, but I do.

After a couple of days of hi, bye, likes, dislikes, the spark fizzled out  or maybe I killed it or may be there wasn’t any spark  to begin with and it was all just my imagination, I don’t know . But quite a few things made me realize that I don’t know a thing about men.

If I could go back in time and alter anything, I would change the moment I gave him my number. Instead I would look deep in to his big black eyes, gather my shaking, waltzing courage and say “Keep the pictures as souvenirs of a perfect day.”  And kiss his cheek and walk away without looking back. Perfect end to a perfect day with a sweet gesture, nothing more , nothing  less, just Perfect .


Thank you SH for your editing, you are one heck of a editor.

It was fine day to start the trek. Energy pumping Subhash was leading again with his besties. Sara stumbled and  realized we didn’t say our prayer. “Lobo, my darling come here, will say our prayer before we break few bones”. We were on .

Wild goat horns

All became pro in crossing the water streams in no time.

Father son duo.

Ever energetic trek leader and trek guide.

Break time that means it pee time 🙂

As usual mules over took us.

Super cool kitchen staff, flaunting their killer moves and six packs.

Pretty grandma with her donkey

Tea break. “The seven-up is just to admire from a distance, Its just for display” Subhash was saying. The guy had a point. Like always I was the only one to laugh. 

Ever smiling Suresh 🙂 

Coffee with grandma.

Mountain though you have multiple choices.

It was scenic all the freaking time.

“Hey Lobo, you keep on changing your outer jacket from fleece jacket to wind sheet and Poncho, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a swim suit in that small back pack of yours”. Like always I laughed while others just smiled. Only Subhash could say such funny dialogues and I just loved  his witty spirit.

Sri’s classic pose. He was boneless, always falling with his bag whenever wherever possible.

Share food share love.

This was cafe, run by only women. When we saw Dolka, we went bonkers seeing her beauty. She is so pretty we, women just stared at her while men clicked pics and started hitting on her :). It looked like good god took years to create her, such beauty she was. Beauty from the mountain untouched by the world.

Dolka with her mom and her aunt. 

Pawan said, these were the ruins of a old Palace which existed ages ago.

Experts started examining the ruins, cooking the story behind it.

Quick break to relax and quench the thirst.

The great Rigzen

Motivating messages were really soothing.

Finally our campsite. When we reached , it was already 2 o’clock. In spite of having packed lunch, kitchen staff served us hot lunch again. Bless them all, food was so delicious and good, we couldnt help ourselves from the second serve.

Arent they look cute 🙂 

I dont know why I remember Good  Samaritan proverb every time I see this pic.

As sun was setting down, we geared up for acclimatization. So our killer poses began

Jump high reaching the sky, only I can do it, Pawan.

Colorful jump but I should look pretty, Renu.

Let me do other way around, Pawan.

Anything for a cool Insta pic, Sri

Slow and steady, I have to look cute though, Sara.

I agree, I wasnt keeping well in the beginning but now I am a unstoppable man, Raju.

You buggers dont know how to do it, Rigzen.

We were 13,100ft high. Sun disappeared with promise to rise the next day .We were already freezing singing the song “its cold, its cold”.

Soup, oxygen level check followed by dinner, we were all set in our thermals to go to bed. I dont remember seeing the sky with stars but yes, it was cold but pleasant night.

To Be Continued


Beautiful view in the morning, never realized sky is so blue. I was happy too, finally I could poop, it was so relaxing I never felt I could feel that way. Some of them still couldnt poop “Still no luck, I am worried now. I eat so much wonder where it is piled up”. 🙂 I didnt dare to laugh. Meanwhile no one cared about the night fart sound. I giggled whenever I heard them but never dared to fart in public. 

Our darling kitchen boy. Water was icy cold wondered how he manged to wash all those vessels.

Fresh and energetic, yep that’s how we looked at the beginning of the day.

MouLee’s oxygen was very low and he was shivering mildly. Previous evening when Pawanji check his oxygen level after the soup, it was below 70. 

“Do you want to continue or go back?”

Moulee just looked, he didnt answer. He didnt had the proper trekking gear, no stamina and no previous trekking experience not sure why he opted the trekking in first place. He looked very much unprepared but group always encouraged him, motivated him.  “He can make it:,”No he should go back”, everyone had their own opinion, MouLee had to decide because it was his call.

Most of the time due to drop in Oxygen level , trek guide send the trekker back and its painful site to watch . They would have dreamt  the summit, would have exercised and spent a lot of money to be there. 

When Pawanji checked Mou Lee’s oxygen level after the breakfast, that day it was very low, so to avoid the future complications Pawanji decided to send him back. “Take this bar, take care of yourself ” I said my good bye so did everyone in their own different ways. As he was occupied he couldn’t join us for the group pic one last time. We started our trek without saying formal bye to him, Rigzen was leading and Pawanji stayed back to look after the arrangement to send MouLee back

It was almost 11 when we could see Pawanji catching up with us “I sent him, my god, his oxygen level was very low, had to give him emergency oxygen. Hopefully he will reach back safely ” He explained us everything in one breath. 

Mountains, mountains and more mountains.

You can find all sorts of colors, pink, purple, white, yellow, blue…

DO EPIC SHIT, stranger from the trail.

Sri never sat he always leaned to one or other thing with his monster bag. As Stupa is holy he was requested to move from there, Sri apologized and found another place to lean on. When you are visitor be like and visitor and respect the culture, peoples sentiments.

Ever cool Chandhar sir.

Kitchen staff and mules always started after us and reached before us 🙂

Ever energetic kitchen staff.

We were told we have cross couple of streams in upcoming days and have to keep slippers handy, when we saw the stream we were like “wow”

When mules go wild in wild.

Eating Musk melon on the trail, it was totally a different feeling. Thanks to Rigzen and the kitchen staff.

The cute little munchkins from the mountains. 

“Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Math 6:29

One of my favorite my-click.

Once left

Once right

And then Straight up.

There was a old school adjacent to our camp side in Markha. When we reached the camp side, all curious kids came to see us and Rigzen chased them around. 

I asked his name and he said something which I couldnt get it so to keep it short and sweet I started calling him “Chingu”.

Renu had got some nice, yummy bar chocolates which were not very sweet, Chingu picked one, took a bite, made a weird face and throw it to the ground and jumped on it while Renu watched with horror. She had taken lot of pain to carry those chocolates, in no time Chingu just kicked the chocolates butt showing its no big deal.

Markha School

You are always “WELL COME”

Dining tent. There is one craziest chair, no matter whoever sits on it they topple and we laugh our lungs out.

Its acclimatization time.

Markha Village view from the top.

Shomonata Monastery

Pawanji posing with his friends.

The curious mules

“Look, the mountain goats” Pawanji shouted, all could see them bearing the same color that of mountain except for me. I have to put finger inside my eyes rub and ask “Where?I cant see them”.

Killing mountain goats is prohibited, government have installed cameras and if any body gets caught are prosecuted as per Leh’s law .

Most of them could spot right away,  “Where?” I was still searching “There, see, right front of you”. When I almost gave up I spotted them, happy ending for my 4 eyes.

Our kitchen tent, the food was always delicious and yum, we could serve n number of times only on one precondition “no wasting”.

Some mule riding in the evening.

As soon as we were back from acclimatization all started playing cricket which ended with Tiffin’s “Bumro Bumro with heavy steps. I never felt I am away from home even for single second.

Soup, oxygen level check, dinner, camp fire and then bed, it was a long day

To Be Continued


A crazy mule was crying whole night like it has possessed with some mountain daemon, keeping us awake most of the night. It was almost dawn when the tired mule shut its mouth and let our eyelids close for a brisk hour or so. Otherwise it was like paradise, quiet and beautiful most of all peaceful in midst of nowhere surrounded by mountains ,streams and humble people.

As our ritual, we clicked group pick before starting our trek to Sara, after having ravishing breakfast with multiple serves. Kitchen stuff was so good and humble, they were always looking after us.

We kick started our trek, Sara called me aside and said “lets pray”. So it begun, Sara’s and mine ritual, Sara would say few things about how the trek has been so far  followed by watch over us, protect us, our father and three Hail Mary’s. I was glad I had someone with whom I could pray. Yes, we continued this till the last day without fail.

Ladaki women are so pretty and down to earth.

Pawan said she isnt keeping well so she had to cut down her trek, we didnt ask her, its painful when you have drop the trail ahead of you and come back.

Looks like they are already bored of us.

Pawan have completed Stok Kangri so many times, still he leads trek groups on regular basis. One of the best TTH, trek leader. On other hand Rigzen is mountain man, fearless, strong.  He have climbed almost all near by mountains Kang Yatse, Stok Kangri and many more. He organized Chadar trek as well in winter. He is your man if you are looking for a fun loving mountain man in Leh.

While Rigzen was leading the group Pawan always followed us at the end, making sure all are doing ok.

Bunch of old but crazy folks. It was one heck of a trek with them. If not for them it wouldn’t have been the same.

Alibaba and 40 chor is all I could think about it.

The Shaggy dog followed us and was very happy to see us.

If you want to destroy the evil you need to fight and defeat it.

Then pray for more power to almighty so that you can be a superhero.

Sri was total fun, I found a great millennial friend who is learning machine language in his free time.

Mou Lee followed us with his own speed, Pawan was always with them making sure he is doing ok.

Apparently this place is cafe run by women only, it wasnt open for the season yet.

The four best friends for life. They all had a different but unique bond. We couldnt believe Raju was leading with Subhash, looked like he was back in his form. When Tiffin and Kishore lagged behind Subhash stayed back and encouraged them. I loved his jokes and laughed like crazy all the time.

Our boiled-potato break spot. 

Mules carrying kitchen items and our bags. They always started after us and reached before us

No it doesnt look like the mountains is farting the white gas,rather it looked like mountains were smoking Maui-wowie early in the morning.

The crazy lad wanted do push-ups on the rock,nonetheless  we captured the epic moment while his dad just watched, how cool is that.

Sara smilingly said “Sara welcomes you all to Sara “


Camp site

After having hot lunch, bless the kitchen staff, we were sun-bathing with Fench Babe as Sri called himself at the moment.

Acclimatization was always fun.

Pic talks itself, PC: RS

Toilet tents few feet away from out tents. I used the open nature to wee whenever I could, hiding behind the bushes and disappearing behind the trees. It was my second day without pooping, I was restless like many others. After having the dinner when I walked towards the toilet, so one was singing so I called out. Sri was in may be constipated like me.

“Hey Sri, you gonna take long time”.


“May be I will wait here “


“We had such a lovely day today “

“hmmm”. it  sounded like he was in pain

“Hey Sri, you ok .”

“Dude, let me concentrate and finish my business”.

“My bad Sri, see you later”

It was cold that night but peaceful so could catch up my beauty sleep right away.


To Be Continued 



Markha valley trek day 1 kick started with light gyan and the group pic. Couple of hours drive from Leh and then couple of hours walk to Skiu, which was our final destination for the day

Photography is prohibited 🙂 yes, I am that annoying Indian tourist who once in a blue moon break the rules.

That is Indus flowing as lazy as possible.

The best bees. Luckily Raju recovered and was able to make it, in fact we was leading the trek with his friends cracking jokes and laughing all the time.

Mogli as Sara used to call him.

Our super fit trek leader Pawan

Sexy and sleek. All you have to do is be there and roads lead you wherever you want

Magnetic Hills.

Sangam where Indus, pretty, quietly glowing with green meets vigorously flowing dirty Zanskar. In winter Zanskar will be frozen and people trek on the frozen surface famously known as Chadar trek.

“BRO At Your Service”. When we read this we felt Leh is so cool. Cool people have so cool encouraging statements. “Its like Indus joins Zanskar and they flow together to Pakistan , Indian saying coolly  “bro” at your service”(some Sri logic) this is what Sri had to say after reading this for 5 times. With their mind blowing road signs I felt Leh is super cool and totally YO. It was later, when I was my extended trip I realized BRO stands for:Border Road Organization. When I messaged and told Sri about his incorrect cooked up story he laughed. Some stupid logic for stupid people which makes that stupid moment epic.

Pawan is hard core trekker, mountaineer with our gorgeous ladies.

River rafting in Zanskar. I soo wanted to try.

Starting point of river rafting

Many more to go. Coolest road sign you can find are all in Leh

Leh’s Super Man. I think nothing can stop Regzen. Born in Skiu, I havent seen anyone who can carry so many bags and walk. Down to earth, he is very smart and judging the trekkers. Very humble and helpful. If he is your trek guide, man your trek going to be LEGENDARY!

Our first stop for the day. Museum where craftsman still use old traditional ways

Sri had complained that he is running short of good profile pictures and I solved his problem in no time.

Mountain goat horns

And the skilled craftsman

Its toilet:). They dug a deep pit with a hole, over which you have squat and aim it making sure whatever business you do it goes down through the hole and then dump little mud on it like cats.

Our packed lunch for the day.

Yummy yummy lunch and tummy full.

And it begins

First break of many  🙂

With his crazy-monster bag Sri was always lying down type wherever we stopped for break

The colors will lift your spirit in no time.

That’s tiffin aka fart king. One of the coolest person I ever met. He got famous nick name “tiffin” becasue no matter where we was he always carried his tiffin box(lunch box) filled with rice, sambar, curds and veggies and spread it over a plate without caring anyone.

Our trek leader and trek guide. They are smart and always observant. Rigzen picked up the plastic bottles he found on the way.

And finally we met the trekker who enrolled at the last minute. We used to call her army girl as her dad is serving Indian army. She have completed mountaineering course couple of years back. She is very passionate, strong trekker who was always second in line.


More stupa’s

They say whoever comes to Leh becomes a professional photographer and is so true.

Shaggy Dog

Some catching up with school teachers

And then some catching up with the three pupils:)

Pretty Dolma

Like her dad Dolma started walking and never stopped but she was observant. She always maintained the pace

The shaggy dog followed the guy in yellow.  He was always in the lead. Whenever his friends were tired he stopped with them and encouraged them. He is the glue which held all four them them very tightly. I laughed my lungs out listening to his jokes while others just smiled.

Our camp site.

Against everyone’s warning “You will wet your shoes, break few bones, its just first day of the trek” zup  Sri leaped crossed the stream. “So how you gonna come back now?” his dad was asking him in all his mighty coolness while I was imagining if my dad was in his place by now he would have whacked and I would be busy wailing from top of my voice.

No Sri didnt lose his calm. He listened to his dads instruction while we all waited to see whether he will wet his shoes or not.

no he didnt

Meanwhile tiffin started building a bridge saying “I will build and show, this stream is nothing”. No he didnt finish it.:) 

And then acclimatization.

Our DSLR guy who captured one of the best portraits.

Rigzen took us all to his home and we went all so crazy seeing it. It is one of the coziest place you can find in the Leh.

We met his pretty mom and we knew then from whom he gets his looks.

Dolma was busy with her video game.

What I liked the most is the view from the window

Our pooping tent. No we didnt the latch. One had to sing or be attentive and scream when heard the footsteps.I did that twice. More than that pooping in the adjacent tent was stressful.

After having our soup Pawan checked our oxygen level. As many of them had taken Diamox(I didnt) oxygen level was well maintained. Except Mogli’s, which was at the border, plus his walking phase was very slow. He was hopeful so as we. After having our delicious dinner we went to bed. Some could sleep peacefully while some couldnt. It was drizzling , bit chilly except for that crazy mule who cried every single minute it was perfect night

To be Continued…


VC: My good old Shetty friend😀

Some catching up in the morning

We had hired a taxi for the day or plan was to cover as many monasteries as possible. With our ass up by 8 and lots of talking, giggling over stupid jokes it was almost 11 when we, 6 of us squeezed into Tani’s Omni. As one of the guy in the gang 4 chaddi-buddies wasnt keeping well, best-bees decided to stay back and take care of their unwell friend. I was pretty surprised by their close bonding.

First one was Hemis Monastery

It’s just mind blowing

Dont fall for the look we were just fooling around. Best part was even though we were of different age group when it came to having fun and living in the moment we were all 9 years old.One behind the camera, one yelling change the pose and rest posing, smiling and making sure they look pretty in the picture.

There is so much to talk about Sri and his intelligent IIT dad. It was a dream a meet a IIT guy because I always wondered what their look like. Chandhar sir proved me wrong, first of all he was way too much normal than us plus his coolness was un-measurable. The things the duo discussed started from badminton auction, next trek, learning machine language, sending Head mistress of their house to the trek with their work-out freak other brainy who at the age of 17 have ripped up body. They never stopped they went on talking and whenever I could I eavesdropped not because I was interested in their conversation but because I was taken aback seeing the closeness, there werent any barriers .When Sri told me that his dad have completed his Ph.D my eyes were almost popped out of my socket. So down to earth, caring father and most of all a great human being.

The ladies need no introduction, chilled out , humble, go-getters I met. They were the energy booster to the whole farting(stories for later) group

She is a awesome photographer!. I had reached Leh a day earlier. What she did was gave me a call(which I missed) and then dropped me a message asking if I need anything. Dumbstruck, yes I was and was touched deeply.

After spending couple of hours in Hemis monastery we had our lunch on the way to Thiksey monastery

Thiksey monastery

I found a small little tigress posing

If I am around you can bag some cool pics for your Insta about which you can brag from morning till evening  except the photographer (that’s me 😦 ) .

I found Sri to super cool like his dad. He was the only one I believe who used to laugh at my stupid jokes as he says. He was little evil(little brat) as I used to say but I found a great friend in him. He was a great listener like me may be that’s why we just hit it off. He is really smart because he picked same kinda earring to his mom and girl friend, not giving any of them option to choose.

Then I found a little Bunny Rabbit with his parents trying to please them, posing as they instructed him

You need lot of time to take in all of the surrounding especially the gigantic beautiful Buddha statue. The annoying Indian tourist will be in queue to click ‘n’ number of pics (like us) and other tourist who will be busy admiring the art, smiling and clicking random pictures.

Thats Moulee. He is a sweet guy who can get lost without your supervision. No he didnt utter a word when I gave him a gyan on being punctual and being attentive. He simply smiled and said “ok”. Sadly second day of the trek his oxygen level went pretty down and he was instructed to go back. His was having his breakfast on the third day while his hands shivered. All I was manage to tell was “Take care Moulee”.

Later we got to know from Pawan that his oxygen level dropped very low and he was given oxygen. Somehow he was able to reach back Leh. This focuses around one more important thing, treks cant be planned at the last minute like how he did, without prior preparation and trekking gear.

More pictures and more poses.

One more thing which I liked about our group was even though we spent lot of time clicking pictures, no one utter a word. If they were bored they just sat and waited without complaining!

And finally when were done clicking our crazy picture we were on our way to Shey Palace

I was able to capture them from top of the Palace and I am sure they were deep down in some intellectual conversation .

I told the shy couple to sit and pose. I helped them to capture a memory and I made them a sweet orange-full memory.

That’s us, crazy us.

And then checking like 9 years old

So true

When we reached back we were tired. Leh was almost getting ready for bed. Sun seemed careless about his bedtime even though it was 7 in the evening

Ladakhi’s are hard workers, they dont even care the time. Its was 7:30PM and I found this couple working side by side without fighting 🙂

More to Go…