Posted: May 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When I see Sugama series I remember home. Yeah! My Mangalore, My Kinnigoli, my home. But circumstances don’t allow me to go home every now and then. I work in Bangalore. So I have to stay here even though I don’t want to.
Some say Bangalore is heaven, some say its metropolitan city but I say it’s a filthy, ugly place where millions of people stay. Many are unaware of other face of Bangalore.
Those stinking, dirty buses I hate to the core. Do I have a choice? I asked myself many times. I got the answer too and answer is big NO. If I have to work I have to bear all this.
When it rains in Mangalore, everybody waits to inhale the smell of the mud. How I miss it .When it rains here its hell. Roads will be flooded with water. All dirt and filth will be mixed with water. Can anyone imagine walking in this dirty water? Yak! Its routine here.
Most funny thing I found here was, Workers come and sweep the street everyday. Very next moment big dogs accompanied by their owner come and shit in the cleaned place.

People are quiet expert in fighting. Even though I don’t feel like fighting, I have to fight to survive. I have to fight for the seat, for the burger queue and for Atm……line is quite big. Most of the people who live in Bangalore belong to one category”live and don’t give damn about other’s”. I try to implement that policy in my daily life. But I can’t. When I see old people, old dogs, street kids I want to help them. But I can’t because they can be anyone with any motives.

One sad incident made me realize rich people’s mentality will be always poor maybe worst than that .One family had come to mall a kid. Looking at the kid it was crystal clear that he is their maid’s son .While they were having their snacks they made that kid to sit on other table .Guess that was the first time he set his feet in mall. He was admiring as if he is in some fancy island. I thought may be they have order for him and he is waiting for his order. But no, I was wrong. After few minutes they called him to collect remainder of their snacks. Poor kid took it and started to eat. I was speechless

For outsiders it’s easy to think city life is easy. With all fancy malls, supermarkets near by. Life seems to be so cool. But is it so? With the heavy traffic on the road, Stray dogs aside, tax free dirt in front have to struggle every minute.
I miss my home. May be sometimes I seems to be enjoying but I can’t stop comparing my home town to Bangalore. I miss my Mangalore. A place where people respect each other .

  1. Preethi Hegde says:

    I do agree my dear lobo


  2. shilpa says:

    hey sugama travels.. lolz.. gud one babes


  3. Aish says:

    I stay in mumbai n here people r gud……..however bt cant b compared it to mangalore….


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