Life With Colors !! :) :) :)

Posted: May 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Life seems to be so colorful while we are in college. But is it so? no ways. As you climb down those college steps you gonna realize “Life is gonna set your ass on fire”. Its time we start thinking about being independent.

Am I living independent life?? Yeah I am. It seems to me that month start my independent life seems to be much cooler and colorful. Month end that same independent life becomes black and white.  It pauses around 28thand on 30th it stops. Then I start counting minutes for my salary.

Yeah! life is always colorful. As soon as i get my salary, me and my room mate take a long walk around “new arrivals” in malls. Which will be followed by queue for trail room.After having heavy non-veg dinner, we laugh bit louder to relax. To flaunt that even we enjoy independent life. Then slowly we head towards our room. Again we try those clothes in the room. We pose in all possible ways in front of the mirror.Mirror might get tired seeing us but not us:). As the days goes most of the new arrivals will be hanging in our ward robe instead of malls. Then we start thinking about month end. Arounfd 3 rd week of the month we stop going to restaurant. We start cooking and that’s scenario continues till month end. At the month end we think thrice before breathing. :D

That is my life with colors.

  1. shru says:

    ROFL!!! 😀
    but i need to make a small correction …
    Most of the tym u will b posing in front of the mirror !! 😛 😛
    n i can bet u that mirror or any1 in that case wont b bored wit ur nakras !! 😛


  2. sylvia says:

    Lair Lair pants on fire


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