Posted: May 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After listening that song for the thirdtime I was almost floating in my world. Even 3 doors downs leading singer’s sexiest voice couldn’t keep me away from my thoughts. Brad Arnold was trying hard to capture my full attention with his song “Here without you”. I am still thinking about that same old dog with green belt. That dog would have been flattered to know that in this state also some young chick had fallen for him.I don’t know why I am so fascinated to this dog.

He’s a stray, veryold, may be around 12 or 13 years old. His old faded green belt makes him look bit cool. I would have loved to call him Greepy. His hair is gone with his age.He got this skin allergy which makes him look much older .Hes very good in crossing the road. If I am lucky I meet him in the evening  on the street, but he doesn’t give a damn and continues walking. Whenever I see those pleading eyes with so much pain, I feel somewhere I have seen that painful look


I was busy surfing the net when I found an article about old age homes. It said about what those oldage home provide, facility etc. It reminded me my last visit to olvinhalli, old age home in Mangalore.

I never liked old age homes as old age people suffer there, miss their family members and ask answerless question to god .Its kind a mental torture for them. When I sawthose old age people my eyes were filled with tears .I couldn’t hide them even though I wanted to. I wanted to run far away where I can’t hear their cry. Ididn’t want to hear their stories, about their, kids or about their worries. Butdeep down inside my heart I knew it’s the reality. It doesn’t matter whoever you are or how rich you are at the end we will be all alone. Old age is verypainful age. Joints pain, diabetes, BP, Kidney problem, liver problem, memoryloss…. and finally loneliness.

When I saw thoseold people I wanted to touch them and heal them which was obviously impossible as I was not Jesus. Instead I stayed there with them and listened to their stories, worries

It striked me then that expression on Greepie’s face was same as old age peoples expression.I was speechless. Even though I wanted to do something for Greepy I was helpless

Now I see Greepy more often. Whenever he sees me he smiles as a gesture of recognition. He stops for a moment, guess to remember which way he was supposed to go. Then again he starts walking. He never stops he goes on and on. Lost in my thoughts I stay at the same place for little longer to understand life.

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