SNL’s Free Tips

Posted: May 13, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Listen up all gorgeous girls and handsome dudes here are some terrific tips

Tips to impress guys:)

1) Talk softly even though you love to talk loudly, Don’t ever forget that dude sitting next to you is observing you

2) Pretend that you hate shopping even though you love:(

3) Act like dumb ass even though you are smart. You see SNL studies says that guys love dumb girls

4) When he is around talk about cricket, politics, sports and cars even though its pissing you off

5) Never introduce your cute and beautiful friends to him

6) Act as if you like all bright colors other than pink:)

7) Talk only and only about action, horror and thriller movies.

8) Listen to all the bullshit he says, even though you want to shut his blabbering mouth forever

9) Act you are dependent on him no matter how independent you are

10) After following all the above tips still the guy acts like abnormal, then gals be careful! He is a gay:)

Tips to impress gals:)

1)      Never forget you r manners even though you fart or burp in public

2)      Be polite with auto driver, waiter, conductor….

3)      Pretend that you love shopping; Show some interest in things she selects. Dude do pay her bill. Its time you act like a hero

4)      Praise her everyday. Tell her how beautiful she looks with her new dress. I know it’s hard to praise everyday but make it a habit. Be careful Never use the same praising words everyday

5)      Never praise or stare at other girls in front of her

6)      Pretend that You like fairy tale and listen to her so called “G-Talk”

7)      Start building up your body. No matter how you wanna lay u r ass on bed, be determined and focus on your work out

8)      Take her for long drive. Never forget to carry sunscreen lotion and cap or umbrella. You see girls are beauty conscious.

9)      Girls like guys with good sense of humor and good dressing sense. Never try to crack PJ’s. While dressing avoid orange, pink, red.

10)  If she doesn’t give a damn then dude its time to change your target.

  1. AKS says:

    Hey syl..if a girl and boy trying to impress each other after reading ur tips… then i m afraid dear that they will end up sitting at one place doing nothing just wondering what to do..other one is not doing anything so that i can impress him/her and waiting for next person to start….;)


  2. vandy says:

    Too good dear,hats off to your imagination…


  3. shru says:

    LOLZ !!! if this is a case i never wanna impress guys ….. 😛
    Nw i figured out the reason “Y M still Single” 😛 ha ha ha


  4. sylvia says:

    Mss Ching Shruthi

    In u r case no need to impress guys….naturally thyll be impressd by u……


  5. AKS says:

    for more tips to impress guys watch the ugly truth…..;)
    and about impressing girls..guys grab a beer and enjoy a good cricket/football match (any sport u like, nothing better than a lazy sunday), if u dont like this idea then grow up fella, ogling at gir or peacockingl is wht we use to do in teenager, after that experience matters…..


  6. sylvia says:

    i have seen thth bro…….if ill get a chnce surly ill impress


  7. K??? says:

    Oh GOSH!!!!!!! Truly imaginative never to be used in Real Life scenario….:P


  8. shilpa says:

    looks like ur study is deep man.. m impressed..


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