Posted: May 24, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After long cozy cozy hugs, sweet little kisses when u break up with your darling gf/bf u wanna spank them. Sure you do. You will be do depressed that you will start think negative about them but still you cant reduce the love flow in their direction. May be break up reasons are bad or  may be good who cares. All you know is some psycho dork toyed with your feelings. Again!.

To add fuel to the fire channels like “V” are famous. They gain popularity thru Axe your ex with tht creep VJ. Who uses all possible tactics to make his show interesting. Is love so cheap to sell on national TV….time to think.

You may say the gal or the guy was cheating on you. Then its clear tht you picked wrong person as your short time partner.

Think twice before you choose someone to be u r very special. One wrong choice at that moment will always make your life miserable.

Remember always few things :love is not cheap, forgiveness is alias name of love, Choose the right person, Confirm at least 10 times whether its love or infatuation.

What you can do to come out of distress? After ugly break up you possibly can try out following things.

1) If you still love the person no worries, scold her/him to the core with your friend. Use all possible slang words. Take out your frustration. If possible join karate or wrestling classes for short duration

2) If you wanna commit suicide then its time to booze with your friends. Cry as much as you want (only for that day).Tell your story to them. Force them to listen.

3) Burn all things which he/she had given you. Even though its tempting, beautiful don’t keep it. Remember that thing is stained with your tears

4) Take long walk or rides with your friends. If you are alone take rounds in park. Think positive. For gods sake stop thinking about him

5) Buy new cloths for your self, admire your self in mirror and say “how unlucky he/she is”

6) By the time you start smiling his/her name gradually will fade like dark cloud. Remember that name won’t be vanished forever. It’s in your hand how you sustain his/her memories.

7) Finally If you are ready to repeat all the above steps again time to search one more love but this time real love:)(may god give you strength)

  1. lolly says:

    ha ha ha :)wonder where u get these crazy thoughts :):)


  2. shru says:

    LOLZ.. !!!!!
    so these r ur experience words haaan 😛
    so u hd a break up ???????
    b’coz these r the activities whic i often c u doin 😛 😛 😛


  3. deekshith says:

    hey !!good one


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