Posted: June 1, 2011 in POEM

As I close my eyes for final time
deep slumber absorbs all my thoughts
finally mind stops its usual work
when heart stops its beats

I lay numb somewhere I never know
My soul cries, its judgment time
I just pray to all angels and saints
Nothing can be undone its too late

I am scared to see my creator again
the one who created me in my moms womb
I have sinned all through my life
wonder whether ill be in hell or heaven

There I stood in front of him
who was wearing white shining robe
when I shiver in that beautiful place
he looks into my fearful face

he raised his hand signaled his servants
I cried a loud, fail to escape
I burn in fire furnace in hell
for the bad things I have done

No marriages, no love after death

Hell and heaven lay across

Man in shining robe decides

Whether you rot in hell or enjoy heaven

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