Posted: June 1, 2011 in POEM

When I am lost with my worries

I cry quietly, fight with my fate

Disaster around I m not alone

As they hold my hand and sit beside

When I am broken and failed

Whole world call me by names

When I loose everything in my life

They stand by me till the end

They are always ready to help

Middle of night or dawn thy don’t care

For friends thy face any thunder storm

It’s wonderful to have them with you

Parties, functions are dead boring

Without their precious presence

How we miss them, we do miss them

 When they are not around

Thy stay in hospital with us

Can’t see their friend suffering

They fight with auto drivers, bus conductor

Can’t see their friend humiliated

Miles of walk seems to be fun

Heavy task looks easy

Without them in our life

Can’t imagine how life would be

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