Posted: June 1, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

In this new generation death comes in full yoyo style. People die every now and then. While walking, while talking, while sleeping ……cant predict. Life comes like a thief, u never know. You may die make up less….be careful gals!

I feel we shouldn’t keep any work pending for last moment.

For eg:

: If u want to tell your wife to improve her cooking don’t delay. Tell her everyday you can’t die eating her spicy curry

: If you wanna propose neighbor Sushilamma’s daughter don’t asitate. Make use of right time. Be strong, you might get chance to feel her sandal.

: If you wanna tll u r hubby how much he snores do tell him. Hope in future he sleeps in silent mode

: If you wanna tell u r gf/bf how she/he stinks please tell him. They can’t kill everyone with their odor.

: If you wanna tell you grandpa tht farting in public spoils his image, tell him in more polite way

: If you wanna tell your dad tht his hair style is pretty yak…..please guide him.

I know there will be more “If’s” and followed by solutions. Please go ahead and express your self

It’s good to die with spoken words rather than unspoken words. Even Kabir Das have said “don’t delay anything for tomorrow”.

Be strong when you do an adventures work, Be polite when it comes to love, be bold when you wanna whack  somebody’s butt

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