Posted: June 7, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When my manager comes to know that instead of testing(I am a tester) I am blogging its sure he gonna sue me.That’s for sure.I cant help it.Being alone in team its difficult to understand clients do’s and donts.

Being a early bird exactly at 9 I start warming up my chair. One round to FB, Gmail, Daiji slowly I open my company mail scared to see clients mail. If I have work then honestly I start working and continue warming up my chair. If I am free I write bullshit or cow shit and irritate my friends to read. I know they won’t utter a word but they will sure curse me.

My editor being obsessed with me edits my scripts carefully. Even though she mocks me she does her work gracefully. It’s difficult to be alone without friends around you in your work place. I am kind of used to it now. To kill the time I write and force my friends to commit suicide reading the scripts I have written. They never forgets to say “Good job man!keep writing”. Every time same dialogue! Dal mae kuch tho kala hai.

My friends always says “man you got talent” until I make them read. Once they come to know their punishment they just smile at me and say”you will over take Chetan Bhagat”. I simply smile. Just smile. And then I start to think about over taking forgetting my testing job. Whatever it is they never stop encouraging me. Yeah they are like my back bones.

First readers of my scripts when its in molding stage:

Ching Shruthi, Loly, Pu(Nisha), Sunga, Amit, DBC

They give me their precious feed back and never miss their all time favorite comment “GOOD JOB KEEP IT GOING”

I just wanna say thank you guys.Thank you all my friends for complimenting in front of me and commenting behind my back. I wouldn’t dare to think how my life would be without you being there.

 Thank you Guys.Thank you all those names i forgot don’t worry thank you also

  1. Nisha says:

    hahaha/… i never say.. good job.. keep it going.. Infact i say.. Lousy one gal.. time u gave up writing..


  2. Nisha says:

    and woman.. i dunno how to get this into ur head… I am not obsessed with u… Infact i hardly care abt u… ur like Ancy… u kno wat i mean.. 21 may 😀


  3. Nisha says:

    No.. i used Ancy as a metaphor man.. to tell how much i care for u.. dumbchik


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