Posted: June 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

One more day without any fly to kill or PJ’s to crack. Every 5 mins I check my watch to see whether time has made any progress. Guess even its lazy, Its taking its own good time to move. I already took 20th round to FB and Gmail. But not a single soul is online to bug. And my lazy friends must be dozing while working.

Today morning I had decided to work sincerely but as soon as I sat on my usual chair my decision was shaken. Obviously not by chair but my client. He forgot to reply for my yesterday’s mail. Guess even he is bored of my mails. Or he must be having better work to do.

I wanted to scream loudly in front of everyone and take out my frustration. It is damn tempting. I started counting from 1 to 100  because if I count 1 to 10 again screaming thought will take its place .I stared analyzing the consequence of my screaming in the office. First thing came to my mind was ill be sued for bad manners and then this month end no salary!.I can’t loose my shopping source. Never dude. Plans are made in advance for the things which has to be moved from shops to PG.

I still look at my watch. I want it to be 6 o’clock soon. In between here and there I doze of. I feel world around me stopping. When I am almost numb floating in my dreams my damn cell rings. I will be happy to pick the call as I am jobless. But that call makes me go insane.Its like adding fuel to the fire. It’s same Airtel disturbing its poor customers.

At 6 in the evening I start running towards bus stop.These BMTC buses make me go mad. The attitude of that driver and the fighter Hens of Bangalore make me go wild. But I control myself by counting 1 to 100. When conductor secretly tries to scrub his shoulder to me i push him with my right hand.I just shut my mouth. I don’t open my mouth. I know if I open my packed anger will shower on my victims.

When finally I reach my PG  My northy owner will be ready to test my patience with his Beja fry speech. He comes to my room in his micro mini shorts to share his bullshit gyan. I wonder whether he wants to flaunt shorts or hairy legs. Being a doctor he has solutions for problem starting from A to Z. Me and my room mate just shut our mouth and listen to his psycho speech which will enter through one ear and passes through other.

With a worry of waking up early in the morning and repeating all those steps makes me drift to sleep slowly

  1. Babitha Mendonca says:

    Hey Syllu …good one 🙂 love to read ur posts 🙂


  2. deekshith says:

    good one :)!!
    hey one more thing !!! U kw wt these days ma outlook is full!!! Everyday its like message box s full!! memory full !!!


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