Posted: June 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When I don’t have much work my mind loiters in all possible direction. I am bit weird and unique from childhood. According my friends my uniqueness make them call me psychic. Losers! When they have tons of problems still they can’t stop commenting on me.

As a young spinster daughter’s dad even my dad has some worries about me .Specially about my marriage. So far no guy dared to knock my door! Guess even they know marriage does not provide exchange scheme, if you don’t like it then change it.

I am 25.This info is for those who didn’t do R and D in my Face Book profile. My mom had strictly told me that I am left out with only 2 options. 1. Getting married and 2.becoming  a nun. Compare to 1 first one second one sounds better, even though I know I will miss out some fun.

Marriage is life time package which includes cooking, cleaning, washing and many more things I don’t know. Married people know better than me and those are single enjoy your freedom. Being freedom lover I felt marriage is prison if and only if your life time partner is not broad minded as you expected. In-laws melodrama will be running 24/7 pathetic than Ekta Kapoor’s serials. When main roles are carried out by our partners gang we have to act like dumb cow who shakes its head in response. If you start acting like real human being then you are in deep shit

I feel becoming nun is a good option. Being Jesus my best buddy (I know many will laugh when they hear about it) submitting my list of needs through prayer, worshiping him, getting up at 5 am is not big deal. Even though I love to sleep till10! Nowadays even nuns are in face book so I can still contact my friends. I can write too! But being a nun may be my mind instead of loitering will choose a straight road and see only god. Sounds really psychic

I shut my mind out of those thoughts and concentrate on how I can ever stay single! Every day I can celebrate Independence Day.

I need a break badly. If I was a guy I could have said in more fashionable way “I need to have a smoke” .Being a gal also I can say that but I can’t stand it. Instead I say I need to pee.

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