Posted: June 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

    Being a creative, active, adventurous person I started to hate monotonous IT life. I agree white-collar job brings lot of money with  few  free tires  around our tummy . Then spend the money on gym, yoga, aerobics. Sounds so crazy.

To avoid complications later I started to think, the only thing which I do often. I had only few option.As usual my US client was sleeping when I was scratching my butt.


As a kid my dream was to become a police. I was always a police when we were playing police and robber. I used to hold robbers collar and pull them like a typical Bollywood police. Now when I think about chasing the robber I get asthma attack. Even though I was in sports I hated warm up exercise. I was the last one to complete 200meter race! So I thought I might die within one day if I join police force.


In between college and school my basic dream was changed from becoming police to nurse. If you are challenging Kumbhakarna in sleeping defiantly you can’t be nurse. You will kill the patient during night shift. Instead of giving him anesthesia you will give glucose. Imagine the situation.Patient running with his tummy open and intestine hanging! I took pity on patient vowed never to become nurse.


My sister was a teacher. During exams she was forcing me to correct the papers. I loved writing “very good” for student who scored 100 in math’s .But when I saw her struggling to teach the students who are bit bad in studies I thought the student will run away from class if ill be their teacher. You see when people doesn’t listen to me I beat them up. It starts from my new puppy ends with my sister. These are only 2 person who brings out nuts out of me .


Can’t even imagine my self with sickle. Sowing seed in field is out of question. Agriculture is definitely not for me. My dad is agriculturist. Sometimes I am forced to work in field. I pity my nails, my face and myself. I can’t stand cow dung. Actually I can’t stand any dung. If my MCA PJ kings are around they might say “if you can’t stand then sit the dung”

I pinch my self. I pinch hard second time. So other professions are not feasible for me at this age.I feel after all IT is not that bad. I try concentrating on my monitor. A mail pops out. It’s my client’s mail. Yeah at last my client is back, to set my ass on fire.

  1. vandy says:

    Too good dear!


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