Posted: June 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As a kid I remember few the things which are one teacher beating me right and left for talking in study hour, fighting with my brother’s.

As a kid I was very calm, soft spoken. Did you believe that???If yes then you don’t know me. I was exactly opposite to that. You see I used to scream from my top of my voice, fight with brothers and just fuss about everything. Yeah I used to torture cats as I cant stand them.I used to cry when pigs were left out. As a dog lover I used to sit on my dogs back and make him to take me for a ride.! Poor Rex(my dog)..

When I was in LKG I was caned by nun badly for writing “A” in other way around. I cried day and night. At last my dad couldn’t see his baby devil crying and sent me to my aunt’s school which was unfortunately boy’s school. My aunt made me to sit in first standard .It was just a substitution for my LKG. Getting admission was a not a big deal as most of teachers daughters had studied there.

There was a dress code in the school. I had to wear uniform like boys which was shorts and shirt. Every month my dad used to take me for Barbour to trim my hair. I never complained about it. Anyways they never stitched new shorts or shirts for me. I always used to wear my two elder brothers cloths. It was fun.

My aunt being teacher strictly told me not to call her aunt. So I used to call her teacher like others. She was a gem. During break time I used have coffee and snacks with her. Exception only for me. I used to play with boys. As my brothers were studying there they always kept an eye on me. When they used to ask my name I used to start from my name and end with my address. Whole class knew my address and all of my nick names.Bobo was one of them

Near my aunts house there was slide and swing. If we slide in concrete slide what will happen as a kid I didn’t know then .With my micro mini frock I used to slide continuously .When my brother used to see my back they used to exclaim seeing the torn spot. Poor me!. During bath time I used to cry. My aunt used to apply Nivea cream to the spot. If you still didn’t get the spot, then give a try in a slide which is made up of concrete only with shorts.

Even though I used to initiate the fights with my brothers with full energy I used to end crying at the end. They used to spank me nicely. My dad never thought twice before hitting me when I made a mistake.

When I see those small kids playing even I want to go and join them. I can ask about joining them But knowing their reply I back off. Being new generation kids any old generation can predict their reply which would be ”aunty you are too old for these games”

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