Posted: June 10, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Today I would have died with heart attack. Thank god I didn’t. Because there’s a new top in my wardrobe which I still didn’t wear. I just can’t die without wearing it! Even though my roomy is waiting for chance to snatch it from me.

As usual I was “face-booking” with joy and happiness in the office. Early morning I may forget to brush my teeth but can’t forget checking my Face Book Wall. Usually when I check my profile I will keep one eye one monitor and other on corridor. But unfortunately today I didn’t. Lazy me! Some body came and stood near my cabin can peeped in to my monitor. To my horror it was my TL.I almost forgot to breath. Appraisal time is near so it’s no playtime. I am hard working person but sometimes I do love to become lazy. He asked me few question. I don’t know from where I got voice to answer him. Guess early morning idly which I had for breakfast was working. Good I thought. I answered him with all possible right answers. He seemed to be happy. He must have thought whole day I search informative things in Google. He still doesn’t know about my blog!. When he will come to know about it I know I will be with my dad working in the field far from this city.

He gave me some work with a smile. I thought with work smile is free. Buy one get another one free. Yeah I completed it on time. You see I do work!

I informed him about my task. He looked at me with surprise, he narrowed his look and said “it’s good that you didn’t mention clients name in your blog”

  1. So what now ? Going back to join yo dad ? or Did yo TL like the post ??


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