Posted: June 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Alarm is ringing. Man! how I hate those alarms which just interrupt our sweet sleep. I know it was Saturday so I was wondering why the heck the alarm is ringing at 3.30 early in the morning. As my database started to update it strike me then that we planned for an outing. Oops! At last we were carrying out the plan. One day far away from technology, traffic and specially my office and my client.

We include me along with 4 insane guy’s Raks alias Kuku, Anil, Deeks, Mothi a super duper “PJ KING”, and one pretty chick Ching Shruthi. Our gang leader was resting in Hyderabad so couldn’t make it up for the picnic. Sad! My colleagues had warned me about Kemmannugundi. They had told me that place is not all that great. When I told about this to my picnic committee they seemed to be dumb and just ignored me .Later chick told me that even hell will be fun with your friends around. I agreed with her

As preparation for picnic Friday night we had met in a mall to discuss the route, this and that. But did we discus? No. Those guys were discussing everything other than picnic. Their crush, their gf ufffff… Passing people were just staring at us. Guess our noise was overtaking Akon’s song which was played loudly on speakers. Me and the chick were bugged up. Sometimes even guys are unbearable They had booked Innova.

I was very particular about vehicle. Last time when I had been out for a tour with my colleagues the van which we were travelling didn’t have wiper. It was raining heavily and I was worried tht we won’t reach Bangalore as we came. At 4.15 Innova came near our pg to pick us up. Whole world was sleeping and only voice could be heard was Anils and Kukus. Man those guys were really talkative. Worst than me. I hush them to lower their voice as I was worried that my pg owner will appear in his usual micro mini shorts. Chick was combing her hair for the 50th time .As usual she was looking stunning.

We occupied our seat in Innova. All were boost up with energy were very anxious and happy. As we started our journey I told them to close their eyes and start praying. Other than me everybody’s eyes were wide open then I realized I was the only person who is praying. Anil and kuku were singing bollywood and sandalwood song in all possible tunes. Deeks being buttering person was busy buttering driver. You see if you wanna enjoy picnic you should be friendly with driver. I know He can butter anybody in the world; any gal’s dad is not big deal for him.

It was a pretty view. With everywhere clouds and greenery we were relaxing our self. We stopped the vehicle near a dabha to have tea and obviously guys were dying to have a smoke. We started our journey after few minutes.

As we were traveling we saw windmills. No person in the vehicle had a clue about windmills so deeks started his own bullshit theory which been worst then any other shit. I told him to keep his gyan to himself and save his energy. And I knew it first thing will do when we reach city back is to Google about windmill! Somewhere on the way we had our breakfast. If you are cleanliness freak then you should forget about travelling small tourist spots in Bangalore. We were bit sad as it started to drizzle. Nobody wanted our picnic to be spoilt by first monsoon. At last all were praying!

Around 9.30 we reached chikmagalur. The climate was cool, clouds, fog was everywhere. We couldn’t see the way. I was wondering whether will reach kemmannugundi in our own 2 legs or stretcher!.

At last we reached kemmannugundi. Rose garden was pretty cool. There was a dog which was following PJ-king. Guess those were brothers in their previous life. The wind was blowing in such a force that we had to hold the near by railing tightly. It was lunch time when we were done plucking most of the flowers from garden even though plucking flowers were restricted. Bad manners I know. Just imagine a person how will act when he is released from prison after a long time…My bladder was full. Wanted to pee badly. I was out of control. By the time we found the toilets I was half dead with frustration. Deeks being a good guy had examined all toilets and at last he found one little bit clean toilet. For his good deed I gave him a boon saying that he will get a good gal as his wife .When I emptied my bladder I thanked him again.

As worms were crying loudly in everybody’s stomach we decided to have our lunch in one small hotel. We order chicken masala and chapathi. When chicken arrived we were busy examining the meat as we found out that it’s not chicken. Me and the chick took only curry to be on safer side. Finding toilets to pee is a big adventure. Can’t imagine what our condition will be if our stomachs are upset. But deeks and kuku were least bothered about it. And were hogging so called chicken. Me and chick just exchanged our glances for the 3rd time. After lunch again guys wanted to have a smoke badly. Wonder why guys smoke after having tea and food. Guess that guides the food to its destination. Sick psychology! .Kukku and pj king were missing. They went to pee again as they were scared that they wont get any toilet there after.

To go to Hebbae falls we had to go by jeep. Guess only jeeps can go through roads like that. As we climbed the jeep we where very happy. We enjoyed the ride for 5 minutes as the road was cool. But after a while it was hell to sit on that jeep for 30 mins. I pitied my ass. I know all joints will cry with pain very next day. Everybody’s expression was like as if they have seated on thorns. I pitied my ass and their too! At last jeep stopped and we thank god. .It was really pathetic.

We had to walk for few mins. We had to cross few streams. When were struggling to cross Deeks was trying hard to save his shoes from water. Just wonder what made those guys to wear shoes in rainy season.

As we were approaching falls all guys hurried. As a nature admired I was clicking few pics here and there. I Was at the end of the line deeks stayed back to see that nobody kidnaps me. But when he herd the sound of water falling from great heights he was very anxious .he just left me with my cam and ran to see the water falls. Such a jerk I thought. I decided not to click his pic.

It was mind blowing view. Such a breath taking sight even words can’t explain its depth. Water was falling from such height it was looking as if water is falling directly from sky. When me the chick were enjoying the view deeks, kuku, anil, pj king ran and dip them self in water. Deeks called him self as a village boy and dived in the water splashing water all over. It was so cold that soon all of them started shivering.

To be on safer side me and chick decided to stay away from water. We just touched the water and enjoyed its coolens and calmness.When guys were busy playing in water, me and chick were clicking pics in all possible posese. As our FB profile was outdated. We knew it ,we will get best shot in falls. Our bad luck cameras battery was down. Wanted to spank those guys as they had clicked all nonsense pics earlier.

When we decide to go back it was bit cloudy. As we were walking anil cried loudly saying “somebody help me”. I saw a leech stick to his leg tightly. When he was crying I was busy clicking litch pick in my cell.He wanted to strangle me to death, I know. It was return on all over his face. Deeks came for his aid. He tried pulling the leech. But instead of pulling the leech he pulled anils hair which was so long on his leg. Anil cried more loudly then. I thought if guys to do waxing it will help them in their mere future. May be it will save some screams!

There was this dog sitting in such a stylish fashion I was tempted to click his pick. As soon as I clicked his pick he started barking at me. Wanted to spank him but as his face was near my leg I just smiled at him. But he looked at me with tht attitude I said sorry. He just turned and went.

We reached half the way when our jeep broke up. In those horrible road any brand new vehicle can break up. No big deal.

At last we reached our Innova safely in one piece. Guys again had a smoke. Guys mentality you never know. When they wanna smoke and when they wanna fart you can’t predict. Thank god at lest we gals are predictable

We were shock to see everyone was attacked my leech. Seeing sceneries and greenery I was planning to settle down in chikmagalur but when I saw those blood sucking leeches my short term dream changed and I vowed never to settle in chikmagalur. Wanted give brief intro about leech to one of my best buddy who is madly in love with a chikmagalur guy

It was 6 when we started our journey back to Bangalore. We missed many places as we had only one day plan. Travelling in foggy roads is very risky. If you meet with an accident nobody will ever come to know. If you wanna kill your wife or in-laws you should try travelling with them in that foggy roads. We crossed few miles when all started complaining about their bladders. Thank god this time it was not me who started bugging. Even though my bladder was pull I maintained the silence. Me and chick decided to empty our bladder in coffee estate first time in open environment. When I was peeing she had kept a watch on our surrounding when she was peeing I was on guard. As soon as we reached Innova I realized I was attacked by leeches .This time I was attacked badly. May be anil had prayed for this. I removed my sandals and started running on the road. I told the leech how much I hate them. They seem like understanding me and they held me more tightly.

I told chick to check her legs. She smiled said “chill babes they cant harm me” As soon as driver started his engine chick started screaming. Yeah even she was attacked my leech. I was laughing remembering her earlier joke. I tapped her back said “babes leech do love chicks”.Leech were all over deeks. Reluctantly he was throwing them through window as if he doesn’t give a damn to them.

Around 10 we had our dinner in dabha. Its obvious in dabha dinner wont be complete without lassi or buttermilk. We had buttermilk. I warned everyone to watch over their bladder. I didn’t want any more complications. Me and chick emptied our bladder to be on safer side. I dont know what time we reached the pg.As we were fully exhausted we were least bothered about the time. I had to go for mass next day. But it was doubtful as I was tired to death.

As soon as our head hit the pillow we both were snoring. Next day I got up around 10AM. As I had fever I could not go for mass. I got a call from my dad around 10.30 askimg where was I on previous night as he had called me and I didnt respond. I smiled and said “where else dad !in my pg with my roommate I watching movie but as cell was in silent mode I didn’t realized when you had called .”

  1. Looks like you guys had quite a time.. Sent link of this post you dad..!!


  2. deekshith says:

    damn! good !!!! bt say some good things about me man !!!


  3. Mohith says:

    awesome 🙂


  4. vikram........... says:

    ha ha…… good 1……..
    got clean picture wat happend… needn ask deeks to explain n giv his gyan… lol


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