Phew……….Rat got all my attention

Posted: June 23, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its been long time since I have visited my own blog!. Sad but true. Kinda busy these days. Working on some weird thing. My friends might say I  crib more often.But there’s my senior who helps me. Thanks to him, He saved me from murdering my PM. My friends were missing my scripts so thought its time to polish my skill.

2 days back my manager caught me red hand while Face Booking. He had looked at me with his eyebrow raised. Same day he caught me again while Gmailing. Sad day I thought .Now rarely I open Face-book and when I do my eyes will be on the passage rather than my monitor.
In between one rotten rat had got my whole attention. I didn’t had a clue when my Allen-Solly sweater was torn by rat. It spoil t my bare-denim’s stole too. If I catch him he will die really bad death. I am prepared for it. Only my roomy “the chick” is not prepared. She is rat sensitive. When she sees a rat she starts to dance with new dinga-chika steps. It’s been 4 days since I started feeding rat-cake to rat. Eagerly waiting to see rat’s dead body with active worms on it. But rat disappoints me everyday.
As usual Chick combs her hair and asks me”you think today we can see the dead rat?”. She then makes faces as if she is trying to smell odor but every time rat disappoints her too. She is scared that she have to do the last rituals of rat as I am going home tomorrow!

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