Posted: June 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

One more shock in my monotonous life is “ticket rates are increased”!!!. I almost fainted when conductor gave only one rupee back instead of 2. You see I follow famous kannada saying “hani goodie halla” which means drops of rain forms a stream:)

Government have policies or whatever thy call to increase rate on petrol but cant they do something to increase mango (common) peoples salary?

Tomato kg 18 Rs, onion 20 Rs . Don’t ask about vegetables, their price is reaching the sky. Coriander leaves for bunch 5 Rs. I butter the vendor so I get few stems for 2Rs.I just Wonder what veggies eat. At least I have option of non-veg. Now I am very skinny may be soon ill be invisible like “MR India”. Planning to prepare a document on price on groceries and ticket and send it to my companies CEO. May be colorful PPT will get his full attention. May be he will fire me or ignore or may be jump into action and increase my salary by few rupees matching the petrol price to be in proper proportion.

God please hear my prayer and do something. Best thing you can do is reduce all the prices and increase my salary. I promise every week ill gift you one gerbera along with one tender coconut :).

  1. Nisha says:

    ur so freaking jobless woman.. i wish ur office blocks this website too..


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