Color White and My Attraction

Posted: June 30, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When rat spoilt my clothes I realized one thing. No matter how much careful we are we will los our most adorable thing.Ureka!I found root of misery like Buddha. I know I sound like moron psycho.

These days I do act like psycho. Who can blame me? When I have to do some weirdo work about which even my teams java guru doesn’t have idea, its obvious I talk about becoming nun and color white. I don’t have friends in my team so I don’t have coffee breaks or any other breaks. Poor me!!!. Guess even god was jealous of my happy olden days when I used to enjoy my work with 30mins coffee breaks.

When I say that ill be joining convent soon, my friends curse me. As an attention seeker I love when they talk about me and my crazy ideas. They say convent doesn’t suit me. They forget that I don’t suit to convent. If the superior come to know that I am a baby vampire she will throw be from the door step. I know I can’t be a nun. I can’t sacrifice like them, pray like them and get up early. But what’s there talking. Everybody talks so even I talk like a looser, looser who can see only white color and convent gate. When I feel lonely such crazy ideas come to my mind:).

As my life is monotonous now it’s boring..Yak! Sometimes even I am scared of myself. Who knows I may be attracted to color white and forever Ill loose my self in convents well built wall. But my dad says if I join convent all nuns will be out of the convent or ill jump the convent wall and come back. So when tell my idea of becoming nun to my dad he chuckles and tells me “first go and see yourself in the mirror”. He knows there’s no place for devils in holy place. Only my friends don’t know this!!!!

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