Worlds Worry is About……….. MY MARRIAGE

Posted: June 30, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

One more day with its own worries. I guess there’s no one without worries. Some worry about themselves while others worry about their neighbors’ or fellow mates whom we call intruder or adikaprasangi in Kannaa.

I know I am getting old. No need to remind me .But its necessary to poke me every time you get a chance? Almost whole world is worried about my marriage. As if they gonna sponsor my wedding expense!!!!! Most of my classmates ask about my marriage too. I stand like a dumb ass in front of them and curse the guy whom I fail to search. Even Google Search looks helpless. Just wonder whether god forgot to create my so called “Soul Mate”.I am kinda of scared to attend functions as my ears will be fed up hearing one and only one question ”When’s your marriage”. I just smile externally and curse them internally and say” As soon as I get my prince charming “.

In between I am attracted to Chinki(Manipuri,Tibetian) guys. This is the side effect of watching Korean-Dramas. Their complexion, skin color is so fascinating. Only problem with their eyes, they are cute and very small. All look so similar it’s difficult to identify the individuals. If I marry a chinki guy I will fail to recognize him!! So I drop the idea of marrying a chinki guy. Don’t want complications in identifying my hubby:)

It’s damn difficult to get a good guy. Good in the sense one who listens to whatever I say!!. Nowadays even dog doesn’t listen to me guy is out of question. Prince charming, knight is shining armor in white horse sounds cool and romantic only in novels. I know in reality it’s not possible.

Even guys have their own requirements. Before they ask gals name they enquire whether gal knows cooking, cleaning…..bla….bla. Some guys search free maid in the form of wife!.Its true. There are few guys who really search for a soul mate.

Gals search for a guy who loves them, cares them and obviously gives them their Credit cards for shopping!!! Even few bad gals marry for wrong reason. One click on Google search and you can find out the reasons for yourself.

Marriage is gambling. If you are lucky you will get your soul mate else you with your soul will cry from day 1 to D-day (divorce)

When I hear about marriage crisis’s from all around the world I sit on an easy chair and think and think and think. Fortunately I came to a decision. It’s better to stay single for few more years rather than spoiling my life by marrying some ugly brat who is perfect mismatch. Till then I can enjoy my friend’s romantic stories which have all kinda of twist and turns….

  1. True.. you have a perfect ending for all of your posts!


  2. Chandini says:

    “Even Google Search looks helpless” catchy. . . and super line!


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