Monkeys second day out

Posted: July 6, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


Monday is such a lousy day which followed by 4 hectic working days. Same feeling I have on every Mondays. Even though weather changes my Monday feelings doesn’t change.

But today is bit different as my stomach is not in its proper condition I am bit scared to sit .Whenever I hear  worms crying I pray. Confused whether they are crying with hunger or giving me signal of yesterdays PJ-king-Deeks treat’s calamity. There can be other reason too. I had bit more yesterday afternoon so I am sure yesterdays chicken is troubling me today. I just stare at my tiffin and it stares back at me. I want to open it and empty it. Yeah I am hungry. Darn hungry didn’t have anything from the morning. Yesterday I don’t know how many times I got nature call for long duration. It was tiring job. When I came out I was exhausted. Had told my roomy “The chick” to come and check on me if I wont come out within 10 mins. But when I came after 7 mins chick was snoring. Wanted to spank her. Usually When I attend nature call I want it to be relaxing and without any interruption. So I do nott want to take the risk today in office. As there is only one toilet for entire floor!!!!!!!!!!!

After 100 of chain mails and Googling thousands of places we decided to go to Shivansamudram. This time we were 8. Last times”Monkeys days out” gang plus our gang leader Shenoy alias gujjae and Dude Suraj. As usual as preparation we had met on Friday to discuss the timing and necessary thing. Only thing I remember is there were 5 people and 3 sizzlers and all were fighting to eat chicken piece. Yak!it was pretty bad view. People looking at us were making faces. Sizzlers were damn hot and we were in a hurry to eat because we knew if we wait till its cool down , will get only chicken bone. We were the last to leave the food court and last to leave the mall other then security guards!!!


We were supposed to leave at 9 but Hyderabad people arrived late so we had to leave at 10. This time we had booked van. When me and chick said the silent prayer as usual guys were talking . They talk so much even fish monger in my native place wouldn’t  dare to challenge these guys.

First place we visited was a temple.I don’t remember the name. Must say my friends are very much devotional. They washed their feet and entered the temple. I don’t know what they prayed. When they were praying I was admiring the temple. Even though I am catholic I do visit temple and I do ask loads of question on curious things. Deeks as usual started buttering temple priest.

We continued our journey, Around 1 we reach Shivasamudram. It was breathtaking view .It was such a breathtaking scene. We did go till the falls in Different kinda of boat. Yeah we did enjoy there. We played in the water. Me and chick were just observing those monkey who came with us when they were playing in the water. Around 4 we left from there. We were hungry as we didn’t have our lunch. We emptied the snacks. Around 5 we reached TalaKadu .As soon as we got down from van we had lunch. Veg meals and I lost the count of chicken Kabab. Deeks was eating some weird fish which none of us liked it.

After having lunch shenoy, anil and deeks visited the nearby temples. Me ,chick ,Kukku , dude, Pj-king started clicking the pics on tree, on the ground, on the swing, in the slide, Kukku kissing dog, Pj-king jumping in the air, Dude with his glares, chick with her usual model pose and me with my weird pose. This time we were happy as we didn’t face much of peeing problem.

Around 6 we took a round in river obviously in boat. Such a calm and peaceful place. Around 7 we left from that place and at 9.30 were back in the PG.

It was fun enjoyed with friends. At last chain mails were fruitful.


I had to get up early as it was Sunday and I had to attend mass. Deeks and Pj-king had decided that’s Sunday they will treat us. Long time pending b-day treat. Venue was supposed to be Barbaqnation but due to some reasons we couldn’t make it there. So deeks decided the venue. It was outskirts of Bangalore. His office is in Electronic-city so he didn’t wanted to miss visiting Electronic city on Sunday. So he had selected some restaurant there. Thank god deeks office is not in TamilNadu. Travelling till there and finding out that place was like treasure hunt. By the time we reached there we were tired. When we saw the place we were blooming with joy!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Literally we all were pissed off. I was hoping at least food will be good. They didn’t disappoint me. Fish was mouth watering, soup was bit…….I don’t know what to say, Even chicken was bit…….again I don’t know what to say, Biryani was very tasty. After having heavy lunch we headed back to Bangalore city.

Yeah tummy was full. When my tummy is full I feel like singing. But I was silent. Guess I already got the signals of natural calamity.

I was watching Ugly truth when I got my first nature call second when I was on call, then third….fourth…fifth and I lost the count

It’s really sad to be sick after having so much fun in weekends. Again I can hear worms crying. This time I am really scared. They might be crying for wrong reason


Please Note: Pics will be uploaded soon.


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