Posted: July 6, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Here I am – this is me
There’s no where else on earth I’d rather be

Alovely song sang by sexiest person. Yeah, whenever I hear this song I float in my world. I close my eyes internally and think wonderful things. Fancy things like wearing designer’s clothes I travel all around the world by private jet, owning a nice car but when I fall with ‘thud’ sound I come to reality.

Yeah reality is ugly as Gerard Butler says in Ugly truth “truth is ugly, isn’t it?” Reality scares me. Reality is I wear cloths which designed by Mangalore’s cheapest Taylor, I travel Pg to office and from office to in BMTC bus but I do own a car. Yeppie!!Its toy car, I know feeling will be different in owning a real car and owning toy car but satisfaction is same according to me. What else I a poor gal like me can sayL.This is how I console myself

Yesterday only i lost ¼ part of my salary!!!!I paid my room rent. Whenever I look at my empty account it mocks me. After listening to my dad’s, moms, aunts lecture on SAVINGS I started saving. Just wonder how they expect me to save from my salary when my salary is just few K’s. But I try hard. I stop eating from KFC, MACD instead I started cooking everyday. Sometimes the vegetables prepared on Monday will come till Wednesday. I know sounds bit…..yak. When I was at home I used to have only freshly prepared vegetables. You see when somebody is there to worry about you, Cook for you, you can do any drama. But when ball comes to your court you will get a clear idea about the game. Life teaches you everything. Even my roommate “the chick” is just beginner in cooking. Once she had prepared some vegetables which she forgot to chop into smaller pieces. After having that I decided never to comment on my mothers cooking. Under my guidance chick has improved her cooking skills. It’s how I feel personally. But chick might have something different to say.

Sometimes I do have one to one conversation with god. I tell whatever I want to tell I hope god listens. Not sure because so far I never herd him talking. May he faints listening to my “things I want “list. I do bribe god sometime. It’s a shameful thing to do I know. But once you start earning nobody will ever sponsor you anything. It’s true.

When I go home at the month end I won’t be having money to come back. I keep my pride, shame aside and ask my parents to lend some money which I never return. They say I have a knack in spending money. I just smile. If they come to Bangalore and stay for 2 days they will get clear idea about savings and spending in metropolitan city

  1. Life of a bachelor! Neat


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