Posted: July 7, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its 2.30 in the noon, am struggling to keep my eyes open, dozing in between. To keep my eyes open I am listing to Billy Joel’s ‘Downeaster Alexa’ continuously. The song which got into my soul. Whenever I hear footsteps I open my eyes wide open. Yeah pretending to be awake. Only my numb nerves know what they are up to.

Then I felt something is stinking. I checked my sandals. First thing you should do when something is stinking “is to check your sandals” .Wonder what those Banglorean fancy dogs eat and shit in such a large amount. And there are 101% changes that u may stamp small quantity of that shit.

One bad day I was in hurry. I miss out a spot where shit was residing. I was seeing a guy who was coming from my opposite side. I don’t know what I stamped. But I know I did stamp something smooth. I couldn’t just lift my leg in public and check. You see that is bad manners. I kept on walking. I reached office. I sat on my chair. That exact moment I got the ugly smell. I knew that I didn’t fart so I started searching the source of the smell. I check the dustbin. It was empty. Then I lifted my leg. Yeah! That shit was there right in the middle of my sandal. Yellow yellow. I guess dog had pedigree. Yak!!!Even though I am a dog lover I cursed that dog. I ran to washroom. I was shocked. There was this board “Don’t pour water on floor”. I could not was my sandals. I would not dare to clean my sandal with tissue. Very risky. It may get stick to my hand. I came back to my seat I sat there with that shitty smell.

Yeah it was bad and stinking day. When I went out for lunch I was dragging my leg so that my sandal will be free from the shit. My lunch partner saw me with his thick eyebrows raised. I smiled and said “chewing gum got stuck dude”. I was ashamed to tell him the truth. That day I swore that even if Brad Pit walks on the road with his bare chest I will keep my eyes on the road.

I walk with my eyes wide open in Bangalore. I can’t risk to sit in my cabin with dog-shit stuck to my sandal.

  1. I remeber posting this issue on FB when I was in blore


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