Posted: July 7, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


I am eating Parle-G “Shaktiman Biscuits” .But instead of becoming strong I am becoming weak. I look like a Sudan slave. I remember Nish so called “PU” who is also obsessed with me, treats me like Sudan slave. I call her PU because she doesn’t have timing for her farts. In Konkani PUSKI means FART. So PU is like a code word. Now most of her friends call her by that name.

I look very thin. Can count the bones. There was a time when I had this crazy idea of dieting. Now I try to put on by eating more and more chicken, fish, and pork. But instead of digesting and increasing my muscle and my weight I get indigestion and los weight.

Every time I write about my feelings. Today again I am writing about my feelings!!!A feeling I want to share it with my readers. I sound very emotional. Eyes are filled up with emotional tears. This things happens with me most of the time. When I think emotionally my hormones give up and brain sends mail to eyes to form water so-called tears. I know bullshit concept. Ok let me start-up with my feeling.


Dear Reader,

Today I don’t have any subject about which I can write. Now don’t think I am writing about my feeling towards you, i.e. “You my reader” because I don’t have subject. I wanted to write these few lines or you can call it as letter to you from long time. I didn’t know how to proceed. As many of you might think writing this letter is crap idea. I know, Even I had a same feeling so I delayed writing this letter as how a boyfriend delays writing a letter to his gal friend. Few will think “Man! What a comparison”.

All I want to say is “THANK YOU” for reading my blog. I know how it feels to read boring blogs. I do get some positive comments. I will be thrilled if I get all of your comments. You can share your views, suggestions, and comments. Guys do compliment me sometimes. I just love compliments.

You can send me your mail or letter to my


I know this letter looks stupid. But I wanted to tell you this I appreciate your courage, patience to read my blog. Personally I feel what u feel you should tell instead of sustaining it.

I forgot to thank my friends. My lovely, darling friends who support me as usual with their same dialogue “well written!!Nice!!!keep it up!!!!keep writing!!!”. Names are between A-Z. Do not  want to miss anyone.

Also want to thank a person who never miss complimenting me on my hard work. Always he is the first one to comment on my scripts.

“I did what I felt is right.Now it’s your turn to do what is right according to you”


  1. You haven’t written anything significant in this post.. But it surely is nice.. Writing what you feel/like/see in a such manner takes a lot of guts and skills. Appreciating it is even more difficult for some people as you have to accept something nice that have not done for yourself. Or simply call it as “ego”


  2. deekshith says:

    ya i agree with harsha cal’d bro …………………..


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