My Royal Enfield Rider

Posted: July 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

It’s a Friday, the day which I love the most. Recently I start observing gods creation. Yeah!I do watch gals and guys. Everybody does that nothing new. But whenever I see a cool guy my heart flips and misses its beat.

Yesterday my lost friend messaged me in IM. I added him as a friend some 3 years back. His profile pic in orkut had caught my attention and afterwards he was resting in my friends list.

I am a down to earth gal. Everybody knows it. I don’t have attitude, I am smart sorry over smart. You see guys hate smart gals. That’s a fact. If you wanna butter a guy you have to act bit dumb and show your attitude.

When the guy messaged me I thought this is the right time to act like dumb cow

He :hi

I didn’t want to reply but you see gals heart is bit weak sometimes: hi

He: How are you?

I thought time to show off and with attitude I replied: Do I know you?

He: I don’t know you either, but you are there in my friends list.

Me: Ok, You add strangers to your friends list?

He: listen, I just wanted to say “good job” for the articles you wrote in daiji..

I was in heaven. I was flying, I got horns too. This is what happens when somebody compliments me

I forgot the attitude; I forgot modern gal’s cunning rules and said: thank you so much. I didn’t know that people do read my articles.

The guy must have thought this is nut case. I didn’t care. I continued chatting with him. If somebody compliments me then I blow up like balloon

I saw his pic in his profile

First-Click: even he wears specs

We discussed few things about Mangalore

Second click: Even he is Lobo

I was more interested, I said to myself “You never know Sylvia, He can be your Royal-Enfield Rider. I know these days guys don’t ride white horse.

Third click: Even he loves dog

Our interest were almost similar. But as usual I was bit scared. I support love marriage but I never been in love because I am scared that some psycho path will break my cute little heart. We Chatted bit more. As it was 6 in the evening I left for the day.

I was smiling. I know I sound insane. When I was travelling I happen to see the weird guy .Guess he was returning from gym. He wore above knee shorts with yellow T-shirt and some branded shoes. It was a pretty bad view with hairy legs. I just ignored this alien and started dreaming. I got a reason to dream.

Dreams were pretty colorful. Me and him taking dogs for walk, Watching below-8 together……bal bla. When I got up in the morning there was this cute little smile on my face. I warn my heart to control its beating and went to office as usual.

As soon as I reached I logged into IM. Yeah he was there online. I was happy. I decide this time I am gonna make sure I follow the common procedure which is make sure guy is single before you fall for him.

I started chatting with him. Yeah even he replied. After beating around the bush I asked

Me: So you take dogs for walk after having dinner?

He: Naaa! After having dinner I have tell story to my daughter then I have to wash utensils as my wife is expecting second one .

My Heart almost missed all the beats. Man! This cant happen I said. I feel for a guy who is fathering 2 kids? How can I be so silly and foolish? As usual gal’s heart goes weak whenever she sees a handsome guy.

Now I dream only black and white dreams in which I alone take dogs for walk. But one thing I never stopped is looking for Royal-Enfield rider. You never know dude!

  1. As usual, nice writing.. You definitely know how end a post!!
    Between, I know a couple of guys, who ride balck n bulky Royals Enfields!! Just in case..


  2. Babitha Mendonca says:

    hahhahah 🙂 good one syllu 🙂


  3. venkat says:

    good one sylvia


  4. Nisha says:

    cheapass…. U biked my fantasy of marryin a bulletier… 😦 😡


  5. Nisha says:

    u copied**


  6. vandy says:

    Good one sillu!


  7. shilpa says:

    too good snl..


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