I know……I SOUND Sillyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Posted: July 11, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


Here I am on Monday morning cursing my fate sitting on my ugly chair. Workaholics don’t dare to “this female is lazy, doesn’t wanna work”. I love to work in a lovely environment where you have your close friend to talk about everything, something, nothing. Eg:DBC,shes a good friend. I do have nick names for most of my friends.

I work in a environment where I do not have any friends. When I complained about this to some of my friends they say “go!!!mingle with people”. I cant do that. I am bit choosy when it comes to making friendship. One meeting and there is this “CLICK” I will surely consider that person as my friend. I look for very few good qualities in my friends.

1. Simple, never mind if you’re stylish. Dozens of my friends are fashion freaks.Can say simple by nature.

2. Down to earth. I hate guys/gals with wrong attitude.

3. Kind hearted. If you are ready to buy a softie or cane-o-la sungar cane juice you can defiantly be my friend.

4. Helping nature.

5. Should have good sense of humor. I hate PJ crackers; currently I am baring many PJ crackers. My few of the male friends turn to be PJ crackers because of the bad PJ company.

6. Good manners. If you burp in front of everyone then I might puke on you.

7. I am not gender biased. Male or female I don’t mind. Recently I got this crazy idea of having gay friend. So far I didn’t come across any. But surely I would love to have gay friend.

Without above specified characteristics I don’t make friendship. When I look around in my office for a friend I can see no one .So I made my PC as my best friend. I smile reading mails, I get worried when I get work mails, I cry alone reading dog stories. Sounds funny I know. I still remember the day when I saw this movie “Hachiko”. I started crying right from the beginning and continued till the end.

Currently my PC is my best friend. Sounds weird I know. Just imagine how I am surviving here without a friend in the form of so called human-being.

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