Posted: July 11, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Dream ,Every single person have a dream. If you ask me what’s my dream I would say “I am kind of running out of dreams”. It’s true!! Some tragedies in my life taught me a lesson. Never dream but work hard to achieve goal. For gods sake don’t dig and try to know the “tragedy”.

But recently I got this weird dream. To Work in some office which publishes magzines just imagine MCA degree holder wants to work in some other field!!! Its craziest idea. If my dad reads this blog he might get heart palpitation. My dad is unaware of my interest which is pen and paper rather than in computer.

Recently I started dreaming my self in black formal knee length skirt with formal check top, black formal shoes and my usual black specs picture resting in peace in one of those fancy magazine with bold letters ”THE GAL WHO MADE PEOPLE LAUGH WITH HER ARTICLES”. When I described my imagination to my friends i.e. Sunga, DBC and Amit. As being sweet heart DBC encouraged me but other 2 losers said “your dress code reminds me of Madagascar characters”. As if I care whatever they say!!!!


I wanted to write on few things namely

1. Pirates for that I should travel by ship and should be hijacked my them. Then my sense will come to its real place

2. Gays/Lesbians and their struggle in Indian society

3. Slum life-style. One visit there and I will be in ICU.

4. Hijada’s ,Society and their Fight.

Only problem is I don’t know any of the specified characters. One more thing is when I go and meet them I want a knight (who knows may be karate or marshal art) with a stick to come with me as my protector. When you visit weird place you never know what will be there in store.

I wonder whether i will ever get a chance to write on those things. Just hope one day i will publish those articles on my own blog.

  1. List looks awesome!!


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