Its noon and hard to keep my eyes open!!!!!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When it’s very hot outside and very cool inside nobody can stop me from dozing and falling from my usual office chair. Its shameful thing!! No ways. Everybody does that. The other day I saw my senior dozing in his chair. After that I got guts to doze in public.

To save my self from further embarrassment I a listing to some song. That song sounds like lullaby to me. ahem.ahem.I just go on clicking on my monitor I don’t know what I am clicking. I know one instrument with 2 buttons is moving with me. Guess its MOUSE. If you ask my name I won’t remember even that in my semi conscious mind. I know only one thing that my eyelids are almost closed and I am struggling against the strong force to keep it open.

I am kinda of running out of topics about which I can scribble something or nothing. May be I should start travelling more. World tour not in my budget. May be should change the daily route to my PG!! May be changing 4 buses sounds cool. But In that typical Bangalore evening rush, ugly crowd, fighter cocks I might die on my first trip. I found one more thing articles with gal’s pictures with skirts or any other fashionable clothes definitely catch guy’s eyes and mind (lesson I got from my previous article)

I do have a wish after death. That is to be with Angel Michael. Very much macho type. Cool dude. My dream hero with broad shoulder, 6-packs,plus he got wings and good horse rider. I know Bikes are not allowed in heaven. Problem is that they say in Christianity there is no marriage after death. I know it’s sad. I call my self as baby angel. But my mom calls me “Baby Satan”. It’s her weird opinion.

I hope they will be having internet facility in heaven so that I continue to blog even after death. I am sure St.Peter with his key standing next to me with his arms around my shoulder will make a lovely picture for my blog.

  1. I am reading as I am dozing off..!


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