My Lone Life

Posted: July 12, 2011 in POEM

How I miss my friends

Here I am alone

Eating Parle-G

From morning to noon

Nobody around to talk

None to take tiny walk

They blocked even Face Book

Fish, I am bored and sick

Why god can’t take pity

& send me back to my friends again

Release me from here

And send me there

Where you will get burger and Biryani

Anymore can’t have Chapathi, curd rice

How I miss talking to humans

Only my Pc, my blog listen to me

I walk same roads alone

Where people stare me head to toe

I don’t care, they all are jerks

I am just frustrated with my lone life

God do something when I am still young

Royal Enfield or good food you make up your mind

Don’t make me wait long ……

  1. Mujas says:

    god help her plz……………:P


  2. shilpa says:

    pic is just so awesome..


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