Dude Its Guys Life style

Posted: July 13, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

13-07-2011, Wednesday and I am still bored and bugged up with life. Don’t ask me why. Every why doesn’t have answer.

My survey on “what guys like” is interesting. Guys are most of the time unpredictable. Definitely! As we all know gals are predictable. No offense. Just a fact guys.

After peeing they want to smoke do you know the reason?? I don’t know

After having coffee and lunch they want to smoke. Again I don’t know

When they are tensed they want to smoke. No idea

While write few lines of code they want smoke…..

See they are pretty unpredictable.


They love to wear anything in any color with a famous brand picture  and name resting in peace on it.

Branded T-shirt with branded pant which goes with branded briefs. Most of the guys wear their pants very low so that when they lift their hand whole world can see red waste band of their briefs on which JOCKEY will be entertaining the viewer. While few are obsessed with JOCKEY other love CK, HANES. Even the laborers follow wear-your-pant-low-show-your-briefs policy.

Few guys are very particular about the colors. They love dark and light colors while others wear bright yellow, bright red, bright pink. After knowing the fact that pink is meant for gals guys still wear that. If you want more info on colors suitable for guys you know whom to contact. Aree baba not me. Consult a fashion doctor.

Guys love to wear sports shoes or sneakers or whatever you call it. They wear pretty cool colors. PUMA, REEBOK, NIKE……bla bla. Some psychos like Deeks wear bright white even now. Nobody will ever dare to see their socks. Some will be stinking while others will be torn everywhere. I do agree some cleanliness freak will surely wear clean socks.

You see guys love to be messy, dirty sometimes. But when the occasion comes they keep their surrounding clean.

Eg: if their parents or gf is visiting their room, they will keep their room clean. They throw all King Fisher, Budweiser…..bottles.

Even guys color their hair .Some color their hair with simple color while other with golden retriever. Hope you know what is Golden Retriever. They love to apply lots of gel to their hair and set it. They spend almost 1 hour for this task.

Living  Eg: Rakshith alias kuku. He might spend around 30 mins to set his hair.

They empty the whole bottle of deo within 2 days. You sneeze at lest twice approaching those guys. AXE for the time being I know only one.


Most of the time guys watch birds. Yeah they love to watch birds. Birds without wings in other terms chicks or gals. Some watch openly while others secretly.

Eg:Mr.Shenoy. He watches birds such a way that his left eye wont be knowing which bird his right eye is watching. Some like simple birds like pigeon, sparrow while others love parrot, myna, love birds.

Guys never hide their feelings with their best friends. Whenever they see a lovely gal they say “look dude my gal, your sister-in-law came”. It’s true that some guys are scared of commitment. Some guys show extreme courage in front of whole world and show their love. Sometimes they directly go and talk to gal, sometimes send letter to her, sometimes chocolates and sometimes butter gal’s dad.

When guys are in love and they break up they act like mad. Some try to commit suicide while others booze to the core and go for a long drive on electronic cities fly over. After boozing they talk about their love, their gal and cry which they can’t do when they are sober.

 They love to go for a long drive with their gal friend if they have one else they go with their friends. They love when somebody admires them and their bike in signal or while crossing the road.

All guys are not same. Some are good, some are extra cool, some are short tempered, some are silent, some are talkative, some are helpful, and some are wicked. It’s in gals hand to judge them and make a right decision while picking a friend, boy friend. Forget about husband.

Whatever I mentioned above is characteristics of bachelor guy. Just wonder how guys will act after marriage!!!!

  1. After marriage they all will look same.. and you know the reason!


  2. I agree tht boys r like as u mentioned but girls are not less understood??? 🙂

    We boys too love when girls wear low waist jeans….u look sooo sexy 🙂 hehehe

    Dont girls smoke? come on give me a break…why its only on boys ?

    I agree with cleaning issue may be….and spending time to decorate face hair and body……women can’t beat men

    Good one girl….was interesting to read.


  3. lol….finish ur R&D soon…..hehehe


  4. Gaurav says:

    Guys are always same, Even after marriage, but after marriage they do those things secretly…!! and All guys to Bird Watching, and i think Girls do it too…..its no harm doing it, you are just praising the beautiful/smart creation of God…:P


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