Posted: July 13, 2011 in POEM

I am waiting from so long

When you will come

And sweep me away from my feet

in your Royal Enfield.

Like a fairy tale

I search in every crowd

Those eyes which captivate my attention

Every time I fail to find

Guy who meant for me

It’s hard to see gals and guys

With their arms all over like 2 rolled up snakes

I see them, pity my self

Walk away singing silent song.

Sad to pay my own bills

Cant you Google and find me

And save me from my own expense.

I promise ill be a good gal

Like an angel with wings

Even though my mums call me Satan

I will prove her wrong

Once you find me.

I will do everything you want

I will help you to wash cloths

And clean the house

I will be waiting for you

When you come from office

With tv remote in one hand

And glass of water in other.

Ill never fuss about new arrivals in malls

Ill go alone and purchase

Whatever I want

All of my taste

Don’t forget to give me

Your ATM card

You don’t know!

I am a great cook

I chop onion, tomato

In tiny tiny bits

You have to have

Only dal and dal whole week

As I don’t know anything else

I promise ill ask less question

Even though I have thousands of them

I will give a sleeping pill

To your mother

When she fuss about everything

I promise ill be a good gal

find me soon……..

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