Few lines about MR LOBO

Posted: July 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Akon is singing wanna  be my chamak challo wonder whether he know its meaning. Whatever it is you will laugh when you listen to this song for the first time.

You must be wondering whether this gal is mad to blog from office. doesn’t she have any work?. Even I ask the same question with myself. Why the heck I don’t have work??.Seriously! It’s because my client took a break and let me enjoy blogging. God Bless him. When I leave this company surely will send him my blogs link.

I am going home this weekend and wanted to talk to my manager about 2 days leave. I was scared like kitten. Its obvious if he ask me about my work I cant show him my blog!. Actually he’s pretty cool guy. Looks like that don’t know for sure. Its fun to listen to him when he speaks in the meeting. His dialogue “your getting from where I am coming?” makes me giggle. Anyways he approved my leave.

After  face book was blocked in my company,life changed completely. I come bit late but I leave at my usual time. I still remember those days when I used to slog my ass. I am a hard working gal that’s the reason twice I fractured my hand.

I love to write something about my dad. He is a terrific man. Its true that he sacrificed his whole life for his kids. I owe him so much money. Last week I borrowed 400bugs from him to recharge. I promised him that ASAP I will return his money but he know his younger daughter very well.

Actually my dad Mr Lobo is quite famous. My all friends know him as Hitler II. Even though he was replica of Hitler I never stop my extra curricular activities. Last year when they painted our house my dad called me and yelled for writing my names everywhere. Wall, plank, cupboard, Mangoes, egg, banana, clothes, bed sheet…etc. Good that I was in hostel else he would have plucked my tooth as its bit big like bunny. Even though he punishes me while I do mistake he loves me. For chocolate and ice cream he fights with me like a small kid. Even Ancy(my darling dog) was scared of him. When he used to scold her and me together she used to look at me and silently I used to tell her “Babes go and bite his bum”. He is good in aiming. Super cool with nut and bolt. I can say he is good in everything he does.

Now he is bit old. He lost most of his teeth. Every time I call him I ask him about his teeth. He takes 30mins to eat sneakers. Poor Mr Lobo. It’s nice to have dad like him. Love you Mr Lobo. May you be blessed with handsome, smart, intelligent younger son-in-law. AMEN

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