Posted: July 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Most Frustrated moment in out life is when we can’t fart in public with background sound and fragrance. It’s true. Close your eyes and try to remember the day when you had potatoes or pork or something with more gas and you wanted to fart very badly but all you could do was just control and smile.

Many times it happened with me. But instead of controlling I fart but ill mute the volume.

Once had been to mall with Loly. I was at the other corner and she was seeing some tops.When I approached her I could smell something. I just made weird face and said “Babes lets move from here, guess sales guy farted and escaped” .She laughed, yeah real laugh and said “Enjoy the fragrance babes, and you never know whether you will be around when I fart next time”.

There’s my friend PU who is a farting queen. She doesn’t bother about place, time. If she wanna fart she farts with full volume, fragrance and a smile on her face. Farting while sleeping is very common for her. The sound made by her fart will be alarm for us while she still continues snoring. May be it’s a disease like how they walk in their sleep in the same way they fart in their sleep. Sleep fart sounds weird. Sometimes she tells us to come near her and Booom!!!! She farts.

We all fart openly t home. It’s a fact. When we fart in public we just each others face and say”its not me”.

Let’s eat more garlic and try to change our immediate environment. Our motto should be “Stop polluting air and Stop noise pollution. Breathe fresh air and let others do the same thing”.

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