Away from office….HOME SWEET HOME!!!

Posted: July 18, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its pretty good feeling when I am rolling left to right and again from right to left till 9 in the morning at home in my cozy bed. Its clouded as if even the weather wants me to sleep. I got up around 9 with great difficulty. I wanted to sleep more but my dad as usual started his usual slogan “time to rise and shine my baby”. Still he calls me his baby. He is grandpa still he calls me his baby. I lost my title “youngest baby of Lobo’s” few days back when Aloma my niece was born. I didn’t feel bad on losing my title. I am just waiting for her to grow so that when my bro spanks me once I can spank her twiceJ.Spanks with interest My dad was taking the cows to jungle. Today I got inspired and even I followed his footsteps with my bro-in-law and dogs. Taqui was excited. She rarely get chance to go to jungle and when she gets she acts like crazy dog. I saw a leaning electric pole. You definitely need guts to walk under that pole. In village its common but very dangerous. You need lots of courage to walk on those jungle roads. You should be brave like me to walk alone like a fighter gal. Taqui is quite good in posing for pics. i am training her in all possible ways to be like Ancy.In other words i am spoiling her:)

Mommy cow with its baby cow:)

Trees does have hair cut sometime.When they have their have their hair cut they look nude and sad:)

If you walk this in high way you will reach great personalities house.Dude dont strain your brain i am talking about me.

Its Boars Swiming pool. its sexy veiw watching boar having its sexy bath but it doesnt like intruders

Coconut trees with dress code.Till neck wrapped with pepper creeper

Baby water falls.

People do use this stream water to wash their bum sometimes:)Birds romance on nude tree

I love dogs.Bit cuddling,loving with taqui

Around 11 me along with sis and her husband left to Mangalore. When you are in Managlore you cant miss Ideals ice-cream. Mansoon or thunder, lightning or flood ideals will be over crowded every day. You cant just stop it yourself. Grilled cutlet was just hmmmmmmmm mouth watering. Later we took rounds in the most happening place in Mangalore which is “city center”. People ranging from 2yrs to 80 years were enjoying mason sale.

For lunch we went to “VILLAGE”. My all time favorite place. From moctails to dessert everything is exotic here. The surroundings will make you fall in love with the place.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cool surroundings,Fresh air,Excellent food what else you want?

                                                                                           Sexy Mojito

Rat in Village water falls having a dip. Even rats love sun bath!!!!!!!!!

If you ever get a chance do visit Mangalore. Experience and sweet memories remains with you forever than a idiots few pics on her blog:

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