2 hours LOVE STORY

Posted: July 21, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

It was drizzling as if even rain wanted to signal me about something. It was very cold outside. Very good weather to put your arms around your gf/bf’s shoulder and walk. Obviously not with wife. They will be having 100 suggestions when you hold them.

As usual unfortunate me was walking alone holding my bag. I was in hurry as I was going home. I crossed the heavy traffic road with great difficulty. I was walking when I saw 13 no bus. I forgot my so called etiquette’s and ran like a puppy. Most of the people standing there were admiring gal’s beauty in running state. Unfortunately the gal was me. I don’t know why people watch gals in running state with their mouth open.

I got into bus and but as my luck was running out I didn’t get the seat. It was darn irritating to stand in over crowded BMTC bus. Did I have any option? NO.I never had a option. When bus stopped in the next bus stop I happen to see one Chinki guy. As I am suffering from Chinki hormonal syndrome, syndrome where you will fall for Chinki guy in spite of their button size eyes, I was just admiring his complexion, his extraordinary features. Guess even guy felt that 4 eyes are watching him. My 2 eyes plus my specs. He just smiled. I got a chance to see his tiny tiny teeth. He checked the bus board and got into bus.

I felt today is the day when I am gonna meet my yak rider. You see Chinki guy on yaks back with snow in the background makes a lovely pic. He got into bus and stood next to me. Chori chori(slowly) 6 eyes  met and became 3??? Or 2?? I don’t know. His 2 eyes and mine 4 eyes. Forget it. Once by mistake when he brushed his fingers against mine politely he said sorry .I thought he does have manners.

I never talk to stranger or smile at them. I just stare at them with my face muscle full in contrast state. But with this chink guy my face muscles were relaxed I don’t know why. May be some kind of signal.

Jayanagr 4th block which happen to be my stop came. I was in hurry to get down from bus and get into other bus. I just looked at him for the last time and started running to catch one more bus. I got into bus. Fish!!! I realized in the process of running I miss my shoe.

I was cursing when Yak rider appeared with my shoe and said “Miss, you left your shoe behind  while running, Must say you are a quite good runner” .I told in my mind “macha you should run faster than this to catch bus in Bangalore”. When I took my shoe from his hand something caught my attention. I made my specs proper. Yeah it was a wedding ring. What the Pumkin!!!!Inspite of having 4 eyes I couldn’t find that wedding ring. I cursed my eyes, I cursed my specs, I cursed my self. One more heart break. No time to cry, you see Bangalore busy traffic doesn’t allow you all this.

He was looking at with full curiosity, I smiled and said “Thanks bro you saved me from buying one more pair of shoes”

  1. lml says:

    cool one…do u need a chinky guy…shall i tell aunty to find a chinky guy for u 🙂


  2. shilpa says:

    u can find a lot o them in a place named ‘kammanahalli’.. most of ppl call it kalyanagar evn..


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