Listen to my prayer OH GOD

Posted: July 21, 2011 in POEM

Dear God listen to me

For a while

I know you are busy

But here I am

Praying with tearful eyes

Weeping heart

I knelt before you

I know only you can help me now

My appraisal is near

I am saddened with fear

I don’t know whom to butter

Don’t know whether my PM have seen me working

But he definitely had caught me while Face booking

I work hard,

You know that god.

When I am free,

I just loiter here and there in the net.

Get control over my PM’s mind,

Just do something or anything,

And make him give good appraisal for me.

Please god I am your best buddy

Tomorrow ill get bunch of white roses for you

After appraisal will get dairy milk for you

Please listen to my plea

I can’t beg my PM

Like I beg you

I can’t even bribe him

Like I bribe you

You know how hard I work

I don’t turn my head

When somebody farts from near by cabin

How dedicated I am

You know better than me.

Tomato kg 20rs

I can’t survive with 18k anymore

Nobody buys gift for me

You know that too

God please this time help me

You are my sweet potato, Sweet Pumkin

You are my only Source of hope

Please listen to my prayer oh god.

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