RF to CB

Posted: July 21, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Stay at home was pretty boring as it was raining heavily. My bro was yelling as he was running out of brief’s stock. One week’s briefs were drying and were mocking passing people. After becoming dad he improved a bit. He cleans his daughter’s nappy and cloths. Fatherhood does change the guy’s responsibility.

Once you start earning incoming gifts from brother, sister, dad, mom stop. Full stop. How I hate this rule. Earlier I used to give my long list of my need and wants to my dad. Now I try hard to fulfill my own needs. Its such a sad thing. I am just waiting when somebody will come and tell me” babes purchase anything you want, here is my ATM card”. Wonder when the day will come. I know my brother will never give his ATM cards even though he has 5 of them. I can flick them without his notice but he is short tempered guy like his shorts. Bit scared. Earlier I used to make Ancy bite him but now only I have bite.Yak.

Time does changes everything. From relationship to responsibilities. I don’t want to grow more and become part of those heavy responsibilities. I just wanna remain like this. Ever laughing and forever shopping. I know it’s not possible.

I am bit psychic from my childhood .No need to be happy 99.9% people are psychic. Fact is people like me accept the fact rest just deny it. Whatever.

Recently I was watching some cowboy movie. I realized cowboys are far better than RF riders. So I was planning for a visit to TEXAS as you see Indians Gollas(cowboys) are not all that sexy. You see Cowboys are darn cool and well built. I just wonder When I couldn’t find a RF rider for so long how it will be possible to find imported CB(cowboy). If you know any imported CB you know what you should do. In case if you don’t know then let me tell you what you must do “just send me the address” so that I can go by rick and meet him. I don’t want Traffic police complaining about CB riding his wild stallion in Banglore traffic!!!!!!!


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