MiSSioN Which I Never Accomplished

Posted: July 22, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Revealing secrets to other has its own consequences.  Bible says never reveal your secrets to anyone if you do then you might loose the chance of being happy. Sounds bit scary I know.

I am just confused whether I should write about my secret so called “my stupid mistake”. I am just confused how narrow minded people will react after reading this. Chuck it man.


I was doing my B.Sc in St. Agnes college, Mangalore’s famous women college.  Don’t think now my smartness comes from my Agnesian title!!!I was smart from my childhood. Being in Agnes just polished my hidden talents like leadership and escaping from responsibilities. Even though there were many rules I just loved being in that campus. St. Agnes is good example for Pussy-Cat-Dolls female-domination. Its fun to be in those well built compound walls and more fun in climbing those walls and escaping.


I was in 2nd year when there was bf fever everywhere. As I was staying in hostel, to view gods beautiful creature i.e men I had to go outside those walls. There are few boring characters like Chaddi Peter(gate keeper) and some lecturers like round bottom flask, porcupine….(I don’t know what their real names are), inside the campus.  Gals used to discuss about their bf in hostel. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired listing to their love stories. I decided very soon even ill be the heroine in my love story. But where ill find my hero? Big question mark.

Those days ORKUT was quite famous. So I became frequent visitor to the net lab. I did lots of R & D on many Manalorean guys. Some got rejected because of their nose and because of their profile pic and some because they had many flaws. So my mission “find bf” was on process. Time passed I found one Manglorean guy. Lets call the variable oops sorry guy XYZ. XYZ was not hunk but was ok. Main agenda was to be a heroine nothing else.


I started chatting with him. Even he sounded interested. Days passed. We became bit close. If you want to measure then may be 2 arms length close. My pocket money used to shift its place from my pocket to Nuns pocket. Sometimes I used to get irritated by his silly question. But I managed to be calm. I used to laugh at his PJ’s. How I hate the PJ crackers. In other words I became somebody else like Ugly Truth’s Heroine. Whatever.

The guy was working somewhere far away let call the location as NEST. So guy was planning to come down from his NEST. He said that he wants to meet me. Chicken hearted me choked to death. I managed and said NO. He said I don’t have guts and cow shit. Dude he hit the right point. When somebody challenges me then ill be full on. I said ok chap lets meet


First Encounter:

Venue: Ideals Ice-cream

Time and Date: My Database is outdated


I said ill come in white salwar like Mohini(female ghost).He said he will come in green shirt(Male tree). Mohini and tree perfect mismatch. I was getting ready. I informed loly about my mission. When I was finished she scolded me and begged me not to go

I said “ babes be strong, Nobody can do any harm to Miss Lobo”. As a precaution I took a knife. To stab him if he tries to molest me. Naaa first meeting and molest not possible may be touch will the right word. Only I know that with that knife I cant even cut the bread. But that green knife gave strength to me. I was all set to go when Loly looked t me for the final time and said “be brave anything happens let me know and ill chop his……She never completed the sentence. I wondered what she wanted to tell.


I went to Chapel prayed for more strength and courage to use the knife in case of emergency. I reached the venue before time as usual. Male tree alias XYZ was not visible any where. I called him from coin phone. He said he is standing near the entrance. I went and peeped and I saw a guy with grey shirt with green stripes. Green was almost invisible MAN!!Does this XYZ suffering from some kind of color blindness???


When we were about to enter the cream parlor I stopped him and asked “Hey XYZ who gonna pay the bill” I already started dominating him

He smiled and said “if you want ill pay”

I said “No thank you. You pay yours and ill pay mine”

XYZ was startled.


We selected the corner table. He ordered something I ordered something. What we ate is not important here. Before I open my mouth I saw a smiling face winking at me. What the pumkin!!!My class mate. I thought ill be in my classes headlines tomorrow. It was not a problem as gals were broad minded they were cool with having bf. But my worry was sitting in front of me and eating his ice-cream. If we don’t match in any case my mission will be destroyed.


We chatted for a while. His silly question and my extra ordinary answer. This continued for a while. You see I was in control. He was acting like my slave. Guess even he realized this Master-Slave relation and he smiled. After 10 mins we left.

He said “nice meeting you”. Good manners you see. He must have cursed me for spoiling his evening.

I smiled bit more I forgot that my bunny tooth was bit big and said “Same here”.He was staring at my tooth. How embarrassing

He wanted to shake hand so he extended his hairy hand and all I cloud do was stare at his hand. He looked at me,I looked at him. He understood I guess. He said “there will be always a second time”.

Again I smiled. But this time I was careful. Just a baby smile. Bunny was safe inside my mouth.

When Loly saw me she hugged me with joy as if I won the third world war and came.

She asked “how it went”

I said “man its damn suffocating to be somebody else”

She smiled and said ”Don’t fall for guy for whose sake you have to change your self rather fall for a guy who loves you as you are”.

I just nodded my head.

I went back to my room. As gals started their love tales I just coughed and said “can you mute the volume I wanna sleep”

They laughed and Annie asked me “do you envy us babes”. Everyone knew that I was single

I smiled and said “na Ann it just that I cant understand how you compromise your self to be with your bf”

Ann just smiled her elegant smile and said ”you just have to act dumb and let them be in control of the situation”


I smiled. That day I learned 2 lessons

1. Lolys love lesson

2. Anns being dumb lesson.


I dropped my mission. I just told some grannys tale to XYZ. Before we started our relation we broke up. I think it’s better to be a good listener then a experienced one. Listener just have to listen while experienced person have to go through all ups and downs.



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