Wherever You Go Etiquettes follow you

Posted: July 22, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I didn’t know the meaning of Etiquettes when I joined IT company, that’s the usual thing most of the words meaning I don’t know. Short term memory you see. May be Gajini female version. I was alwys haunted by Etiquettes .As soon as I set my feet in this IT I got a super cool explanation about Corporate Etiquettes. WHAT THE PUMKIN!!! They are so moronic they make you different person.

There are 1000 of Corporate Etiquettes. Elevator, cubicle, Cafeteria….bla bla bla……

They say follow the Etiquettes. In other words they say be a different person. You see we might suffer from personality disorder  if we follow their Etiquettes.

For eg:

Use mild deo, You cabin mate may be having a problem with it

Press the keys in your grandma keyboard very smoothly. Who will tell the CEO that “dude its time to change computers extra parts”.

Keep a decent ring tone

Don’t flirt around(I added this one)

Bla la bla…

HR people talk A to Z about Corporate Etiquettes. You think that every day they follow the etiquette’s…  No man. If you check ladies washroom most of the time those HR chicks will be combing their hair and powdering their nose and one more coat of lip glows. When they emerge from the washroom fresh like lily they say “you should be presentable”. Its pretty easy to talk cow shit about Etiquettes. If you follow them honestly you will lose your self and you will become someone else. Personality disorder may be multi-personality disorder like Anyan for sure.

I just say”Be your self. Do what you think is right. Don’t laugh your so called “fake laugh” like RJ’s in the radio station usually do to show that how happy and enthusiastic  they are. If you are not happy let people know that you are not in your usual cool mood. Don’t be rude, don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. You see every dog has its own day.Bow Bow.

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