Ching Shruthi Shettys letter

Posted: July 25, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Till now I don’t know anybody missed me or not but Chicks mail shows that how much she missed me when I used to rot in Lolys place. Here’s the mail she sent


                 Ching Shruthi Shetty

                Ghost house





(Address don’t know)

Subject: About My roomie’s(Sylvia) ignorance towards me and hatred towards my beau

I was al alone .My weekends were damn boring!! My roomy that Sylvia used to give excuse every weekends saying “I have to return tiffin/book ,PU’s /Lolly’s bday,  Chinna’s treat, Mitun bday party, Sunday mass…blabla
I used to blink my eyes n nod my head and say k !!  She was on full josh getting ready changing dress asking me if stole looks good, t-shirt goes well with pant, shoe/sandal goes fine?? And I used to suggest as well wit my dull voice!! . While leaving happily she screams and says “I miss you darling, I love you. I know you don’t miss me anyways byeeeeeeeeeee ya!! Lock the door tc  …”. Finally she vacates happily with her backpack!! And I maintained silence.
I thought my silence will convey her how much I miss her when she not around me!! But I was wrong!! It never conveyed her feelings!!! I used to lay on bed from morning till afternoon with a plaster on my mouth and get up @ 1 , prepare food, eat al alone (sometimes even missed food ) and again sleep and evening get up go for a walk al alone in near by park listening to music and come back and again sleep ..This was my boring weekends almost for a year!!  Couple of times I requested her to stay back.. But it dint effect her!!
My boring weekend story started from last July and continued till this June!! Hardly few weekend she stayed back , if there was a treat thrown by NITTE group or for shopping….
and now when I planned to go out on weekend with my beau, she starts hating so called  person who takes me out…
tell me my lord !!! Shouldn’t I go out??
Should I stay back missing her al the weekend as I did for one year!!
Answer me my lord answer me!!
Should I continue being al alone in Ghost house!! Answer me my lord answer me!!

I know god you won’t answer but give that Sylvia bit sense so that even she doesn’t hate my beau

   Thanking you

Yours faithfully

                                      Ching Shruthi Shetty.

So far I didn’t get any love letter but when I read this I was touched. I don’t know where and all. I know Chick doesn’t express herself but today she gave a shot. I was quite impressed by her mail. I know soon her fate which was being alone and rotting in ghost house gonna be mine. I just wonder whom I should address my letter to.

Please not: Reading this letter don’t assume that me and chick are not straight. We are straight. This is kind of showing love towards each other.

  1. deekshith says:

    Nice letter !!!!


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