Its Just Another LoVe Story

Posted: July 25, 2011 in STORY

She is crying.  All her dreams shattered in fraction of second. Tears are rolling down her cheek. She least bothered about the people who are standing there and watching her. Her long black hair tangled. Suddenly she stopped crying, wiped her face with tissue and started walking. Somebody was calling her from behind ,all she could do is walk. She looked at the envelope which she was carrying and again she felt like tears rolling down her cheek. She kept the envelope in her bag, wiped the face and stopped. When she felt that she’s ok she turned back to see the caller. It was Arul. She just stared at him. After sometimes when she thought she couldn’t handle she just ran to him and hugged him. Arul was startled by her action just held her tightly as if he never wanna let her go. He failed to understand her behavior.


 Nikitha was quite determined that she will get the job. She was a topper in her class. She was a computer freak that’s why she had taken computer science in BE. As the only daughter her parents had taken extra care about her.

As expected she got the job and started working in Mangalore famous Software Company AmYssY. She was hardworking and very determined gal. It took only few years to reach her goal. Now she was earning in lakhs .As she was 25years old parents started searching a guy for her.


Arul is doctor. He did his MBBS from Manglore’s famous hospital St.Martha .As he was smart and intelligent it was clear from very beginning that he gonna be a famous doctor one day. He didn’t disappoint his parents. He had a elder sister and was settled down in Norway.

Arul was now 27 years old and parents were searching a gal for him.


As it was destined Arul and Nikitha met one day

While going to office one day Nikitha met with an accident and was taken to hospital where Arul was working. And that day Arul was in charge of casualty. Nikitha was severely injured and was unconscious. First time when Arul set his eyes on Nikitha he was under her spell. In her unconscious state she was looking like a goddess to him. It was like love at first. He had taken good care about her. When Nikitha opened her eyes she was staring at a stranger. He came closer held her hand and said” Ill make sure your parents knows that you are awake”

Nikitha was shocked she wanted to ask many question but heavy slumber took over her. Next time when she opened her eyes she found her mom crying. She can hear the same stranger consoling her mother. She just stared at the stranger’s broad back. When he turned she almost held her breath. He was really handsome she thought. He was very tall and had good personality. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them stranger was leaning over her. His hot breath was tickling her. She just stared at those jet black eyes.  When her mom called her name she realized that they were not alone.

Nikitha was in hospital for 4 days. Everyday Arul used to visit Nikitha .He used to get floers for her everyday. On the last day of Nikitha’s stay in hospital Arul proposed Nikitha. Arul was intelligent, smart, and rich and understanding so Nikithas didn’t had strong reason to say no.


With parents permission they started going around. Nikitha and Arul were engaged .First kiss, first touch, fist fight, first gift they experienced everything. They knew that they were made for each other. Both were madly in love.

Meanwhile Arul went to USA for 1 year. Nikitha missed Arul very much. She waited with patience. In between she had to face some health problem. Her Injured knee was hurting her. When she needed Arul most he was far away busy with his work. But everyday he used to call her and enquire about her.


On the day of Arul arrival he was over the moon to see his sweetheart. When his plane landed in Mangalore airport there was a disappoint waiting for him. Nikitha didn’t come to the airport. He was upset. He called her and there was no response from her. He knew it something is wrong. He went to her house and she refused to see him. He was sure that something is bothering his darling. He didn’t force her instead he waited. He was sure one day Nikitha will tell him everything.

Days passed but no reply from Nikitha.One day she came to the hospital to see him and she returned the ring. While asking reason she said “I am not meant for you, you deserve someone better than me”. He called her but she didn’t answer. He tried talking to her parents but it was no use.


Arul was depressed as his loved one left him without any specific reason. He was living a lonely life now. He lost interest in everything. He used to spend most of his time in hospital. Seeing his condition his parents were worried about him.

He was coming out from Operation Theater when he saw somebody familiar. He knew it that it was Nikitha. Anywhere he can recognize her long black hair. He tried calling her, she didn’t stop. She kept on walking. When he thought that he is running out of patience she stopped. She stared at him. Before he know what’s happening she was there in his arms. He was happy. He knows that her place is in his arms. But before he could change his thought, she kissed his cheek and said “It’s a final bye. I found someone while you were not here. All I can say is Sorry. Forgive me if you can.”

All he could do was look at her fading figure. He collapsed on the near by bench. Love of his life is gone. He felt cheated. He wanted to ask her where he did a mistake. What made her fall for other guy when he in love with her. That night he don’t know how many bottle of Whiskey he emptied.

After that incident he happen to see Nikitha with a guy and his final hope was gone. Rarely he use to go to his big empty house. Nikitha’s thoughts always haunt him when hes alone. So most of his time he spends with his patients


It’s been 3 years now Arul got married and has a kid. He shifted from Mangalore to Bangalore. He loves his wife. Sometimes he does think about Nikitha. He wanted to know about her.

He is quiet famous now. He spends most of his time with his wife and kid.


He was taking usual round in the ward when a patient caught his attention. Patients back was to him. He took some more steps when the patient turned. He stood where he was. Nikitha was there in the bed. Her eyes were closed. He was staring at those eyes which once captured his heart. He approached her. When she opened her eyes she found familiar stranger staring at her. She didn’t say anything. Arul was finding difficulty in speaking. He stood there and watched her. He picked the near by report and started reading. He was in shock. Nikitha was still unmarried and was suffering from bone cancer. She was in her last stage. He bent and held her and shouted from top of his voice “this reason you left me??? Damn it!!! Couldn’t you tell me???? Why the heck you didn’t tell me???” .Hearing the sounds Nikitha’s mom came to the ward. She looked at her daughter and then at Arul. Nikitha just smiled and said “What you would have done Arul???? Fight with death??????” She was crying. He couldn’t see her in that situation. He just held her tight. She said “don’t make me week because of your last hug I survived till here”. Arul tightened his grip. He knew it he made a mistake when he let her go


Arul visites Nikitha everyday. He didn’t tell anything to his wife. He knows that he have to tell his wife about Nikitha but he never got the courage.

One day Nikitha’s condition got worsens. She was shifted to ICU. Arul was there next to her holding her hand. All she could do was look at him. Nikitha was fighting to breath. She held his hand tightly as if his hand is only source of her hope. She closed her eyes for final time and never opened them again.

Arul was crying. He still held Nikitha’s hand. He was staring at those same closed eyes which once captured his heart.



  1. Fir for a Kannada Movie..


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