One more to add to my MEMORY

Posted: July 25, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am seated in front of my same outdated pc on Monday morning with same Yak feelings. I don’t know why I never liked Mondays from childhood.

I thought even this weekend will be boring as its month end and pockets will be empty. Saturday I had attended my friend’s bday treat and evening rolling on my usual bed with TV remote. As Chick is committed she will be out with her beau. How I hate that guy. I hate not because he is good but because always she will be on the call and weekend on a “DATE” with him. Poor me still single. Everybody says search a guy search a guy. But where the hell are the guys of my type???? Thank god many stopped asking about my marriage after reading my blog. Let’s not deviate from the main topic.

As Jesus is my best buddy I can’t miss Sunday mass. I got up with puffy eyes as I was watching HISS till late night. Its fun to see female snake (Nagin) shedding her skin. Just watch the movie for more clarification. After the mass there was a surprise waiting for me. My cousin called me and invited for the party. I just smiled. I can imagine the crowd. few guys and rest all gals. While my cousin and her hubby cook in the kitchen we shout from top of our voice and prepare salad, chop the vegetables.

I reached my pg . I was shock to see chick eating chocolate. She never stops eating them and sometimes she forgets to keep it for me. We had lunch and watched TV for while and I left for my destination which is my cousin’s house.

As I reached as accepted cousin and her hubby cooking in kitchen our gals gang chopping onions and tomatoes. Wonder why fashion freak Caren had applied 2 cots of lipstick for a house party. She might forget to have bath but she can’t forget her make up.

PU was talking more than chopping. Loly as usual doing time pass. Akshatha along with her sister was chopping something. Mithun and Martis were reading some old news paper for third time. As Martis is scared of me he was avoiding me. He had the habit of wearing bright color shirts. After my guidance he has improved his taste and wears guy color shirts. As I am specialist in salad my cousin gave the knife and cucumber. Yeah! I am quite famous with my salad. Whenever there’s a party in Lolys place my salad will the eye catching objective through its quantity or color.

When my cousin saw the quantity she said “thank you this is enough for a whole week”.

I said “Chinna don’t worry, Today’s starters is my salad just wait and watch how ill make them  eat”. Psycho PU had booked the tickets for the movie ZNMD at 9. I loved that part as she gonna miss the fun

Narrow Minded people please don’t read after this

Whenever there is party there will be beer and wine which we use as catalyst to digest the consumed food. As I promised salad was one of the starters. Sounds sad and pale but my aim was to empty the salad bowl. My cousin’s hubby had prepared some sexy chicken dish, bombil and egg.

Bottles were opened and glasses were filled. After sometime glasses were empty. I don’t know who had what. I know only thing is that I was busy serving salad to all and Loly screaming “Babes where is my glass”.

At 9 PU left. We begged her not to go but she couldn’t say no to her sweet heart. I knew it party will be bored without her.

Around 10 some more bottles were empty and glasses were filled. I know only one thing Caren asking for more beer and Loly as usual was searching for her glass.

Most of them got kick. I was talking a lot and they told me to shut my mouth. How could they do that to me? Desert was mouth watering. Till then Loly was searching for her glass. We had out dinner then. When my cousin’s hubby saw everybody’s condition he smiled and said “We should have house parties very often. We love to have some youngsters around”. All agreed. I smiled and said” Whatever dude but keep it on Saturday”

Any party won’t be complete without my vote of thanks. I don’t know how many times I repeated the same sentence. But it was pretty cool because everybody clapped for me. We missed PU. That’s why I don’t like to make friendship with gals having bf.

Around 1 we slept. Morning when I saw my dads 5 missed calls I fainted. I have to prepare a speech as my dad gonna ask 101 questions. Today I am here with little bit hangover and weariness. When I am alone and all my friends are gone ill definitely remember this moment and laugh say “What a night it was”. I don’t know whether our GANGS members are ok or not. Whenever I think about yesterday night I just smile.

Please not: Few things due to some reasons are cut from the script. Dont assume or imagine. Any doubts please send a mail to me with your doubt and 100rs note and ill solve your doubt

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