Gal who stole my heart

Posted: July 26, 2011 in STORY

She is staring at her reflection in the mirror. She loved what she saw. It’s a big day for her. She is looking stunning in her white wedding gown. There was a glow on her face. Nicole was very happy. Samuel was the man she dreamed. Whenever she thinks of him butter fly start flying in her belly.

she still remember the day when Sam had come to see her. In that blue formal shirt folded till elbow he was looking stunning. His mom and dad were very down to earth people.

Before she could wonder in her thoughts her brother Allan came to escort her to the church. He stood near the door step staring at his younger sister who was looking stunning. He just taped her sisters face and said gonna miss you sissy. Nicole hugged him tightly. She knew it even she will miss him.

When they arrived at church Samuel was waiting for her. He was looking very handsome in his designer’s suit. Because of his neatly trimmed beard scar near his left eye was visible. It never bothered Nicole. With that scar he was looking sexier she thought.

When she got down from the car Samuel came front to escort her. Butterflies were flying high in her stomach.

Wedding was over within few minutes. Now she was MRS Samuel D’souza. She liked her new name. She looked at Samuel who was standing next to her, same time even he looked at her. Four eyes became two as they lost in each others eyes. There was spark. Samuel was the first to break the eye contact.

They had a big reception for the relatives and well wishers. Nicole was very happy. Its her dream come true. She held her hobby’s hand more tightly.


Nicole was a lecturer. She had majored MA in English. Allan was her elder brother who was a marine engineer. Nicole’s mom and dad both were passed away when she was small. Allan had taken care of his darling sister from childhood. Nicole was very naughty, smart and intelligent gal.

Being alone kid Samuel was his parent’s apple of eye. Even he was a marine engineer. His dad was a heart patient. It was his last wish to see his only son settle down.

While sailing Alan and Sam had met and became buddies. Many times Alan had visited Sam’s house. As god planned Sam’s mom had asked Nicole for Sam. Alan was very happy as he was sure Sam will take good care of his sister.


Sam was packing his bag. Sam got emergency call from his company and he had to leave. His parents forced him to take Nicole with him. They didn’t had time for honeymoon. So Sam’s mom thought this will be good idea. Nicole loved water. It was her dream to sail.

Sam had been out to meet his friends. Nicole was talking to her mother-in-law. She told Nicole to take good care of herself and Sam. She gave a envelope to Nicole and said to read whenever she free.


When she set her feet on MORNING MARGARITA she was on clod no 9. She loved the ship. There was Captain Raj who welcomed her. As it was a cargo ship there were only few crews.

Sam’s cabin was pretty big. She loved it. There was a double bed, sofa, fridge almost everything.

Nicole was finding bit hard to adjust to water. She had a tough time adjusting to new surroundings. Starting Sam was there whenever she wanted. Later he started to avoid her.

Once when she was alone she remembered about the envelope. She took the envelope and went to deck and started reading.

When she finished she forgot where she was. Tears were continuously falling from her eyes. She was shivering with cold. She don’t know how long she sat there. When Sam found her in that condition he knew something is wrong. He asked her politely what’s bothering her. She gave him the letter. He started reading the letter. When he was finished he was silent. He gave his jacket to Nicole. She just threw it. She looked directly into his eyes and said “tell me Sam how long you were planning to hide this from me?”

Sam was silent for a while then he said “Will you calm down please. Ill tell you the whole thing I promise”

Nicole lost her patience and said “You want me to calm down?? After knowing what you have done? You broke up with you gf few months back, still you love her and you want me to calm down?”

Sam thought it’s the time to tell her about her past


When Sam was doing his engineering he fell in love with a Non-catholic gal. He was madly in love. Starting Sam’s dad had objection about his love with different caste gal. Sam was ready to leave his parents for that gal’s sake. When Sam’s dad realized this he couldn’t say no his only son.

Sam was very happy. Gal was really pretty. Both were madly in love. After completing BE Sam joined Marine engineering while gals was doing her MBA.

Sam got job in good company as marine engineer. He knew it that he should marry and go. But gal was in 2nd year so Sam had to wait for one more year.

When Sam was about to leave, his-gal hugged him and said love you, take good care of your self.

Daily he used to call his-gal. They used to talk for hours.

Days passed. Suddenly the gal stopped receiving his phone calls. Sam was miserable. He kept on calling her but no reply. As his time was near to comedown he was determined to find the reason and  the sort out the problem. He was not ready to give up the relation due to some misunderstanding.

As soon as he reached Mangalore he went to his-gals house. Gal’s dad opened the door for him. As soon as he opened   the door Sam asked for the gal. Gal’s dad got angry and said “How dare you come to my house and ask for my daughter? I know you are the same loser with whom my daughter was in madly love. You thought ill let my daughter marry a guy who belongs to some other caste?”

Sam was running out of patience and started searching the house. Gal’s dad was running behind him room to room. Photo hanged in hall caught Sam’s attention. His gal had married somebody else. The gal he loved ditched him. Hatred filled his heart and he cursed the gal, gal who stabbed his heart. He wanted to know the reason why she ditched him. But he never got a chance to ask her as she was in South Africa with her husband.

Sam was mad. He walked and walked. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted to run away from her memory. Gals smiling face haunted him. He wanted to die. He reached sea shore. He started walking towards water, he felt bit cold but he didn’t stop. He continued. He reached almost the edge. He looked at the sunset and thought today is the day even ill set but unlike you I will not rise again. He was all set to walk. When he was about to move he got a call. His mom was calling him. His dad had a stroke. His condition was critical. Sam stood there for a while. Then he decided tht he will live for his parents sake. Who always supported him and loved him. He also vowed that never again he gonna love any gal.

As his dads last wish he got married to a gal whom he doesn’t love. He was totally unaware that he almost killed that gals dreams.


When Sam finished his story his back was turned to Nicole. She couldn’t see the emotions running on his face.

All were silent for a while. All could hear was waves sound and heavy breeze.

After a while Nicole said “So for your parents sake you married me? You know  what Sam, you ruined my life. When I was kid I was lonely but Alan was always there to protect me. But you see history repeats. Hence forth ill take care of myself. Every time I cant burden Alan with my worries. Anyway when we reach Mangalore I want a divorce.

Sam expected this. He said “Please Nicole for my dads sake you stick around some more time. Ill promise Ill leave you alone once he is out of danger”

Nicole walked away. She went to her cabin. Double bed was mocking her. She took a blanket and slept on the sofa.

She used to spend most of time in cabin writing something or on deck where she will be alone. She used to chat with the crews. She was fascinated about their “Sailor-tales”. She stopped talking to Sam. Sam felt sorry for her. She was a lovely lady he knew it. She used to make others laugh with her silly jokes. There was nothing he could do for her. He wanted to hate her but some part of his heart was already addicted to her. He couldn’t stop admiring her when she used to sleep on the sofa. She aloes loved her perfume smell.

Once there was a storm. Rough sea is  bad for sailors. Nicole tried sleeping on the sofa but she couldn’t. She slept on the floor but she was rolling from one end to other. But she didn’t get up from her place. When Sam came to the cabin he stood near the door and was smiling to himself. He knew it tht his wife is very stubborn. Waves where hitting the ship in such a force that Sam had to hold the door. He called Nicole. She didn’t reply. He knew it that she awake. He called her again but no reply. Third time he went and lifted her in his arms. She opened her eyes and started fighting him. Sam held her tight and looked down at her. They stood in that position for a while. Nicole knew it that she already in love with Sam. But she was fighting her emotions. Sam took her to the bed and said “Don’t fight me, when you are with me Nicole you are my responsibility”

Next day sea was bit calm as if nothing had happened. When Sam opened his eyes it was 8 in the morning. Nicole was sleeping in his arms. He was happy to see his wife’s head was resting on his shoulder. In spite of his hatred towards female spices he couldn’t help himself from liking Nichole

It was a terrific night. Nobody was able to sleep properly. It was noon when Nicole opened her eyes. She hated Sam when he dumped her on the cot. She was fighting her own emotions now.

As Captain Raj was celebrating his bday he arranged for party. Almost everyone boozed. Nicole got a kick with one glass of wine. Everybody enjoyed. Nichole remembered only the starting part like cutting cake, bday bums. Later part she doesn’t have a clue.

Sam and Nicole were sleeping when they herd a knock on the door early morning. When Sam opened the door he found captain Raj. He looked worried. He said to Sam “Pirates attacked our ship, take care of Nicole. I have informed the Navy . She is the only women on the board so you can imagine what will happen if they come to know .

Sam was confused what to do. He woke up Nicole who took 10 minutes to open her eyes. Sam told her about the pirates. She was always fascinated about pirates. She was bit over excited. Sam told her to change her dress and to wear his pants and shirt. He gave her his cap and stuffed her hair inside.  Now one look at her no one can make out that she is a gal. As Sam opened his cabin door Pirate appeared and took them to deck. Their hands were tied. When Nicole saw the real pirates she puked. They were ugly to see with one tooth missing and shabby clothes.

All crew members were bitten and were on deck. Sam was trying his level best to protect Nicole. She was aware of it. After few minutes one well built tall pirate appeared. His name was Surukozi. He was pirates Chief. He was scanning the deck and the crew members. Nicole was holding her breath.  She moved close to Sam. She knew it if they find out that she a women then she ill be lost in this water forever. She was shivering.

There was this one more pirate who was bit short and his one tooth was missing. He happen to observe Nicole and started walking towards her. Sam was standing front of Nicole. Well built Sam was towering the short pirate. Pirate told him to move away. Sam didn’t move. Pirate pushed him aside .This caught other pirates attention. They all started staring at Sam. Short pirate held Nichole s collar and pulled her front. He slapped her once. Her lip was bleeding. Then slowly he pulled her cap. Sam knew it they gonna harm her if they find out that she is a gal. Nicole hair was left free.

There was a huge applause on the deck. Pirates liked what they saw. Captain Raj begged them not to harm the lady. Nicole was shivering. She looked at Sam with fearful eyes. He couldn’t see his wife in this state. Before they could anything he had to do. Suddenly there was gun fight. Navy had came to their aid. Sam pulled Nicole with him. He stopped when he reached the cabin. He somehow managed to free his hands and Nicole’s. He took Nicole inside the cabin. He just hugged her and said. No one can harm you, Trust me. I will protect you. Sam put Nicole in the cabin and said anything happens don’t come out. This gonna take a bit longer. Stay inside. Before he left he kissed Nicole. Nicole just looked at his disappearing back.

Heavy gun fight was going on the deck. Sam was searching for the short pirate. When he found him he punched him hard on his nose. He was fully on him when Surukozi from other side was aiming his gun at him. Nicole had followed Sam to the deck she was hiding somewhere on the deck. When she saw that Sam is in danger she just called his name and ran towards him. Sam just turned when bullet came and hit Nicole. Sam took few minute to understand what is happening. Nicole was bleeding. Pirates were trying to escape. Sam didn’t had any option he jumped into water with Nicole. He started swimming towards Navys ship. Soon they were rescued by Navy.

Pirates were still on deck. Surukozi escaped with speed boat. Short pirate was half dead.

Nicole was unconscious. Sam was worried. Soon helicopter came and Nicole was shifted to hospital.

In her semiconscious mind Nicole felt somebody holding her hand and weeping. She thought its her angel. But before she could open her eyes she lost her conscious. When she opened her eyes Sam was dozing on his chair next to her bed. She realized that angel was Sam.


Nicole is in front row in the church. She is very happy for Alan. He is gonna marry the gal whom he loves. Wedding ceremony begin. She was feeling bit emotionally sick.

She was thinking about Sam. In hospital whole day he used to sit with her. But when she was ok and come down to (Mangalore) to her house he never called her or visited her. His behavior disturbed her .She knew that she was in love with him.

She couldn’t stand there in the church. She just went out and sat on the near by bench. She was crying loudly when somebody approached her. She saw their black polished shoes. Her heart started beating fast. She looked up and was surprised to see Sam standing there in his black suit

Nicole asked “what are you doing here”

Sam chuckled and said “I came to see my wife. Wanted to see how well she is doing without me”

Nicole stood up and said” I doing very well thank you Sam. Now that you have seen you can leave”.

Sam smiled and wiped her tears and said “How I can leave my darling wife who risked her life for me”

Nicole was furious .She shouted from top of her voice and said “Don’t mock me Sam. Just leave me alone.”

Sam took Nicole in his arms and said “how I can leave you when I am madly in love with you”

Nicole couldn’t believer her ears. Sam said “yes I am in love with you”. As a proof he kissed her.

Sam and Nicole were Roaming in the mall when somebody approached them. It was a beautiful woman. Sam stood there and watched the woman. It was the same gal whom he loved head over heals. He looked at Nicole. She looked cool with her denim skirt and pink top. Again he looked at the gal whom he had loved in the past.

She looked at her Nicole and then at Sam. She saw the wedding band in Sam’s hand and replied “I knew it you will get over me and will marry”

Sam looked at her and said “It was not easy for me to do. Don’t be so happy because of you I hated female species.

Gal softened her voice and said “It was not easy for me too. When my dad found out that that I am having an affair with a guy from other religion he was furious. Very next day he got a proposal for me. He didn’t ask my approval .He just forced me to get married.  He took my phone. I could not call you. I owe you an apology. I am sorry Just forgive me”

Sarcastically Sam smiled and said “Gals like you make guys fall in love. When they are madly in love they ditch them. Anyways I do understand you problem. I forgive you not because you asked me to but I forgive you because I got Nicole. Take care”

Gal stood there with tears in eyes and watched Sam and Nicole leave together hand in hand.

Love does good things in our life

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