News which made me SMILE

Posted: July 26, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

At last God heard my prayer. Today morning my manager comes and tells me that I am getting released from project as he was finding hard to place me in the project. He was very soft with his US accent. Half of the words he was eating or swallowing I don’t. it was hard to listen to him. If my ear was inside his mouth I wouldn’t have missed anything. He spoke to 5 minutes and all I could hear was “you are getting released from project”.Dude i was over the moon!!!

I was happy at last I am going from this place. Place where my blog was my only friend and my black ugly chair is only my companion. The place where I lost myself.

But this is the place where I started blogging. All thank to my clients and my manager.

Before I leave I wanna tell the Admin guy that one toilet in washroom doesn’t help 30 people. I still remember the day when I thought I lost my identity. I had been home. Hogged prawns, chicken, pork and fish fry. I didn’t realize that my exit was almost jammed. I reached office around 10. As usual I was Googling. Hogged some more chocolates. Around 1 had heavy lunch.

I was very sleepy, started dozing. But At 2 my sleep flew away. I got Nature Call and my jammed exit was pressurizing me. My policy is that when you get nature call you should be tension free, take you own time, use plenty water and relax. But how to relax when there is only one toilet and people wait in a Q to pee?

I decided that ill go to PG. As Pressure was coming in full force. I told my TL that I am not keeping well and left the office. Pressure was reduced a while. I thought ill go by bus. As soon as the thought crossed my mind pressure increased. I was in the bus stop. I prayed to Jesus to send a rick. He heard my prayer and sent one rick .Rick driving was driving pretty fast as if he could understand my problem. On the way again thought I have to clean his rick. But Jesus saved me. As soon as I reached my Pg I threw my nag somewhere and entered the toilet.

When I came out I was relaxed. I thanked Jesus, My TL and rick driver. When Chick came she was shocked to see me lying down in the bed. She asked me “what happened to you”

I said “nothing man just a nature call at wrong time”

She smiled and said “hope you did it in the right place”

I said “Don’t worry man I did it on right place, I curse you that you kids do it everywhere”

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