One More BDAY

Posted: July 30, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

28th evening I was pretty happy as next day was my bday. Had head bath so that my hair sets in its usual pony tail. I was waiting for chick. I knew it that she will surprise me with one or other thing.

When chick came at 10 I knew it surprise is gone with the night wind. One look at her and I was sure that she was dead tired. She was cursing her TL for burdening her with last minute work. I thought I was the only person to curse TL but she proved me wrong. I felt sad for her and myself.  Sad for her because she was tired, sad for me because no surprises. I was sad. Even I started cursing chicks TL. We had our dinner at 10.30. Chick was busy on the phone when I finished reading bible and slept. Was planning to switch off my cell and sleep but didn’t want to disappoint my friends who will wait till 12.00 to wish me.

It was 11.45 when Shenoy called me. He wanted to be the first one to wish me so he had called me bit early. He was talking about this and that for a while. I saw chick moving in and out. At 12.00 Shenoy at last wished me and disconnected the call. When I turned back chick was there with big bouquet and  cake. I was touched. Even though she was dead tired she managed to surprise me.

I am the best in singing bday song but on my bday I can’t sing so when chick was singing I was smiling. Chick was singing but she missed few lines here and there as if I care. We did click many pics with different poses. Bit later Deeks came. He bought a baby umbrella for me as a token of love no no sorry token of friendship. Again some more pics with umbrella.

Around 1 we slept .I was really over whelmed by chicks effort to make me happy on my bday.

Previous day I had joined to the office. Nobody knew that its my bday. But to be on safer side had taken bumble bees with me. As I expected nobody wished me. Bumble bees were saved. In the evening when I was having Bumble bee I passed one to my bay mate. One chocolate and she asked me 101 questions. I decided not to make friendship by bribing chocolate. Almost 15 minutes I had to listen to her bullshit. Even thought I was pissed off I sat there listening to her Kerala, Tcs stories. Loly had called me 10 times and wished me again and again. She constantly reminded me about my age. Holy Cow!!

Whole day I was busy. I was busy receiving call and saying Thank you. And yeah I was busy working toooo. Bday started with lots of fun but ended bit sad. As Raks had forgot to wish he came near my pg with big diary milk silk to wish me. Guys do have their own way to say sorry but I am not that easy and he knows it. I felt sorry for him and let him go in peace.

I was in the pg and staring at my reflection in the mirror. Even though I look like school gal I know there are few strands of hair anxious to become grey.  Soon I will be good example of Signs of aging .

  1. Last few lines sound Sad ????


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