New office and All i could feel is Home Sick

Posted: August 1, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am feeling really home sick. Today I am going back to Bangalore . After having such a wonderful time at home its really sad to be away from home.

Now I am allocated to new project. New office, new TL and lots of new things. The place is quiet different from my previous office. People talk a lote here. It’s a new thing to me. 7 and half months I was living in a well and now it’s a big ocean. People smile and talk every now and then I feel weird. May be I need some more time to set to this environment. I did see few dudes in the new office. Atlast!!!!

I don’t know whether ill get a chance to visit my own blog. I know Gmail and FB are accessible but cant risk my image you see. Previous manager had caught me red hand. This time ill make sure that I will take care of those things. Place where I sit is very cold. May be room temperature is around 20 degree Celsius. Just wonder how they are able to sit there in that AC and work. I am sure I have to take my blanket and jerkin. The other day I was sitting and dozing. I couldn’t sleep properly as it was very cold. Within few minutes I was shivering with cold. Thank god I woke up because when I opened my eyes my new manager was right behind me.

Ill try my level best to write more and more. I don’t know when ill get time to write and when ill upload. Just keep checking my blog you never know when my blog will updated with my new article or new story.

  1. Good luck with the new office..!


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