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Posted: August 1, 2011 in STORY

Its very cloudy as if any minute it might rain. Cold breeze was warning everyone about the heavy rain. Josuha is least bothered about those things. Even though Rex is forcing him to move Joshua doesn’t move an inch from his place. He look at the sky and smiles. He pats Rex’s head says “buddy lets enjoy the rain. Don’t worry about the cold ill provide you a cozy bed I promise”. Rex wags his tails in approval and runs in the ground. Joshua stares at his dog which every minute reminds him about his dear Neena.

Before his thoughts take him far away it starts to rain. He whistles for Rex. Rex was least bother to listen to his master. He is scared of thunder and lightning. Whenever he hear the heavy sound he looks at his master with pleading voice. Joshua couldn’t say no to Rex. Joshua pats Rex’s head says “ok buddy you win” and they head towards their house.

Inside the house Joshua quickly gave Rex a warm bath and dries him. When he felt that Rex is comfortable he runs towards bath room to have his bath. He turned the shower on. Water in running down his body and decrease the chill. He is feeling really good. His old memories are making him impossible to move.

Joshua was 27 when he met Neena for the first time. She was in her early twenties. It was raining heavily and Neena was standing under a tree fully drenched and shivering with cold. He didn’t observe small bundle in her hand. HE had felt pity for her as she was alone in the isolated place. HE stopped his car near her and told her to get inside. She was looking more pretty in rain he thought. She didn’t move from her place. HE got down from his car and asked to get in to the car. She just stood there holding the bundle more tightly and stare at him. He was running out of his patience. He just pushed her into his car ,she never had a chance to fight back. When he came back to his car and started the engine he realized that the bundle moving. Before he could say anything a small pup had popped out of the bundle. Joshua hated dogs never allowed any dog come near him. But that moment he sat there looking at the pup. Neena who understood his expression opened the door to  get down from his car but he stopped her. He looked at the pup and pup was waging its tail before Neena could stop the pup jumped on Joshua and started licking his face. That’s the first time any dog licked his face. Neena was trying her level best to control the pup but he was unbearable. When Neena thought she cant be polite anymore she shouted REX! From top of her voice and whacked him. He sat for a while and again started licking Joshua’s face. Neena opened the car door and Rex was alert. He stopped licking Joshua’s face and sat on his lap for a while. Neena said ”If you continue to do the same then I’ll leave you and go” Rex seemed to understand her and sat there. Joshua was fascinated by their act. He was least bothered about Rex now. He sat there Rex on his lap and eyes on Neena. Neena stood there for a while. When she felt Rex is under control she opened the door and got in to the car. As soon as Neena sat Rex jumped into lap and sat.

Neena opened her mouth to say something but Rex started licking her face. She said “Rex behave yourself”. He sat there staring at her. He know it if she leaves him there he will be again orphan. He was 2 months puppy when somebody had left him near the park. It was Neena who found him shivering under the bench.  She had taken him to her home and was feeding him from then. Since then Rex was with Neena. Everyday Neena used to take Rex for walk in the same park where he was found. Neena was hoping to find his owner but nobody showed up so she kept Rex to herself.

Neena opened her mouth and said “ I apologize for Rex’s behavior. Sometimes he acts strange. Its look like rain had stopped we can walk. Anyways thank you for your help”. Joshua who was lost in the drama took few minutes to reply. He said “it’s not a problem ill drop you guys”. Neena told her address and Joshua dropped them. Neena had thanked him for his help.

When Joshua reached his home he was still thinking about Rex and Neena. He was attracted to both of them, master and the dog. Both fascinated him. He was alone in the big house. He lost his parents when he was young. His uncle had taken care of him since then. But when he completed his MS even his uncle had passed away. He was alone. His friends had forced him to marry but he was still searching for the right gal. Next day when he got up he was still thinking about Neena and Rex.

Next day he had been to the same place. He saw the place more clearly now. If you walk a bit theres a park. He parked his car near by and started walking towards the park. He took hardly 5 minutes to place Neena and Rex. They were walking. Rex seems like chasing Neena and Neena was running. He stood there watching them for a while. Neena found him standing there and staring at them. She started walking towards him and said hello. She again thanked him for his help . She introduced herself and her dog more nicely. Rex seems like recognized Joshua and jumped him. Joshua was ready for him this time. With one hand he held him and patted his head. Neena smiled looking at them. When Rex ran to chase the birds nearby Joshua stood there staring at Neena. She looked away from his staring gaze. He had asked her out on that day. Before she could respond Rex had appeared in front of her. Josuha had looked once at Rex and then at Neena. Then he decided to take both of them on date.

Neena had told her story. She was adopted by middle aged couple when she was 2 months child. Her parents were really caring and loving. She had completed her and was working in private firm.

Next day Joshua had come to her house. He talked to her parents and asked their permission to marry their daughter. They agreed happily. Within few days Neena and Joshua got married. Rex was everyone’s favorite. When they went for their honeymoon they had taken Rex too. Joshua knew it how much his wife loves Rex. Joshua was very happy. He married the woman he loves. He thought he is the happiest person in the whole world.

Neena was 8 months pregnant. Rex was one year old then. Joshua was in his office when Neenas water bad broke. Neena was crying in pain and Rex was running from room to room. He didn’t know what to do. She finally managed to call Joshua. Joshua was driving his car  very fast. It was raining heavily. On the high way all traffics were moving in their own speed. From somewhere one heavy truck came and hit Joshua’s car. Joshua lost the grip and his car hit the bus nearby. Joshua had hand fracture, Rex had few scratches and Neena had died on the spot. When Joshua came to know about his loss he was devastated. Woman he loved left him forever with their unborn child. Within few seconds his dreams were shattered. He cried and cried.

 Rex used to sit front of Joshua and stare at him .Even he missed his mistress.

Joshua turned off the shower. He looked at his wedding band. He sighs and comes out of bath room fully  dressed. When Rex sees his master he comes and rubs his back to his master. Joshua and Rex eat their dinner in silent. Before going to bed again they take a stroll. When they go to bed both remember Neena and close their eyes.

  1. Even though the story seams familiar, you are a damn real talent. I liked the way you described the characters and expressions. please don’t stop writing!


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