6.20 and i am still working

Posted: August 2, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I thought ill never write from my new office but couldn’t help my self you see.Quite addicted to my blog.

Should I say new office is quiet cool with new friends ot should I tell the truth. People here picturized my TL as python so I am bit scred. I am kind of dedcated to my work, must see how long this will continue. I just work and work. Which reminds me today I dint even visited the wash room. Guess even in my sleep ill think about my work. One thing I liked it here is everyone knows every working soul in the project by name.Time to upgrade my DB.

People have requested me to write on “Gals lifestyle”. I will surely write about it in detail when ill get time. Theres lot to write from their lip glows to their sandals. Don’t curse me later. Its almost 6.20 and I am thinking about my PG. Hope very soon ill be there in my pg watching TV lying down on my bed.

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