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Posted: August 3, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Today first time I met my whole team. I felt I was not sitting on chiar but on thorns.  There was this new guy who answered in slave like manner which made me to pity for him. He repeated his answers  three times . Boy!!you need to grow up.

Whole day I sat on my new but old chair and wrote test cases. In other words I was just working and working. When I see big big techies around I feel lost.What I am?who I am?mamulisa (common)tester????or simple blogger????I pity myself. I travel in the 2 boats with one leg in testing boat and other in blogging. Iknow I can proceed this way until the way is fine and smooth.If a turn or curve comes I don’t know which boat ill choose or I might jump into the water. I do have a dream to publish my first book which still on its second page. I still don’t know when the day will come when my name will be googled around the world. Now only I Google my name to see what results it shows.When I see the search reslut I smile myself and say “Babes atleast google can find you”.

I do miss my X-TL sometimes.She was a sweetheart .She never compalined about my silly mistakes. She guided me when I needed. I owe her big “THANK YOU”.

My mom started searching son-in-law(SIL) or should MR.Sylvia. Sounds really weird.Its such a painful thing. I begged her” let me live my life for a while”.She said “time to live for somebody else. I said mom please. She said I am just starting the process I know ill take min 2 years to find right guy for you. I said whatever , but MR.Sylvia should allow me to write. Mom smiled and said “He will surely allow you to write until you keep him away from your blog and keep your farts,parties,stories ,silly thoughts for your self” .I smiled and said “Mom I am all set to say “I do”.

  1. loly says:

    ohhhh yeaaa…. u definatelyy are.. i am waitinn to be d sexxyyy bridesmaid 🙂

    Betweennn.. i love d pics u associate to ur blogss… keep goin gal…


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