Want To Adopt A elder brother

Posted: August 4, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Life became very monotonous. In the morning get up from bed and come to office, evening  get up from chair go home. Such a pale life I pity myself.

I am still waiting like Hachiko for my salary increment. Unlike Hachiko dead master my Ex-manger is still alive but busy to call me for appraisal meeting.

Today I got my second bday gift from DBC. Pretty coffee cup and a sexy glass. According to DBC that glass is a vase but according to me it’s a glass in which you can have may be water or may be beer. Its up to the user.

It’s obvious you wanna know my first bday gift. It’s nothing but knee level jeans you can say shorts. In front of my dad I call it ¾ as he won’t allow his daughter to expose her legs. He belongs to bit outdated generation. He expects his daughter to wear decent dress like high neck with full sleeves and till ankle. I still wear clothes which have high neck and sleeves but reduce the length you can say below knee.  He just stares at the reducing length of my clothes and then at my face. I say “Chillax popsi time is changed”. He just walks away.

My brother had bought Apple I-pod for me but he never gave. He told me that he will give me when he will go for ship (he is a sailor).He is a cool guy but i do have knack to make him angry . I had uploaded something about elder bro’s in FB but it was in general. Which made my bro very angry. He told he will never give me the I-pod. When I went home this time I was literally begging him to gift me the I-pod. He was least bother about it. According to me elder bro’s are always elder and they should gift their younger sister  always. No matter whether they work or study. When I was above to leave to Bangalore again I begged. I had kept myself respect in my bag but he was very rude.

He stood there looking at me. I spanked him hard and ran towards rickshaw and said  ”Moron! this raksha bandhan(brother-sister festival) ill make sure I adopt a good elder brother”

  1. shilpa says:

    the shop keeper said its vase babes. so i said the same to u.. lolz


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